Funny college SMS represents college life in a humorous manner.Enjoy these text message on college humor and make them available for your friends.
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College SMS

College is a place where we are getting trained to be what we are supposed to be in the society in future. Nowadays, if one does well in college, there are high chances for him to get a good job in future. Today, the reputation of colleges gets determined by their capability to produce jobs for their students. As a student, one should make the total use of the facilities he/she gets in his/her college. Read these college text messages and share it to your friends in college.
Professor said
if any boy goes to girls hostel
rs:100 for first time
rs:200 for 2ndtime &
rs:500for third time

one boy asked"how much for monthly pass???"
We came wit d
fear of not knowing anybody...


We ll go wit tears after knwing evrybody...

& dat's called"COLLEGE LIFE".

A College girl was asked the meaning of Marriage
Her reply : Sacrificing the Admiration of many Men for the Criticism of one Man...
A new T-shirt quote in colleges:
"I pretend to study here because they pretend to teach me..." ;).
Teacher : Mudhal masam january !
rendavathu masam Febuary!
Pathavathu masam enna?
Student: Delivary teacher.
Teacher: Tel me 3Tenses with Example

Boy: I Saw your Daughter Yesterday

We are in Love Now

We Will Run Away Tomorw
Cool th0ught by StuDent,

I LuV FaCeBoOk buT HaTe tO FaCe mY bOoK
Amazing but true:-
The difference between INSIDE and OUTSIDE the college gate is…….
We played with life INSIDE and……….
life plays with us OUTSIDE………..
Physics Would Have Been So Much Easier..



The “Tree” Had Fallen On Newton’s Head Instead Of The Apple. :-P
A Brilliant Student in Exam-

Prove dat LHS=RHS,

Student:Multiply with”Zero”on both sides.
Hence Proved.-)
Do U know the fullform of COLLEGE-
Thats why boys go to college regularly...
It takes 15 trees to produce
the amount of paper that we use to write in 1 exam.
Join us in promoting d noble cause of saving trees..
say NO to exams :)
Teacher: Jawani aur
Budhape me farak batao?

Student: Jawani me mobile me “HASEENO”
k numbers hote hai,
Aur Budhape me “HAKEEMO” ke..! :D
Teacher asks children,
what do u wish 2 do in future?
Vinod: I want 2b a doctor.
Deepa: I want 2b a good mother.
Ravi: I want 2 help Deepa :D
Life is diffrent than teacher
a teacher teach lesson & then keeps the exam
but life keep the exam 1st & then teaches the lesson.
DAD went school to get son’s report card.
DAD: To phir kab aaun me?
MADAM: Mere “periods” khatam hone k bad.
DAD: Wowh!
Maths Teacher- If U Had
1000Rs In One Pocket And
1000Rs In Other Pocket,
What Wud U Think?
Pappu- I Think Aaj Galti Se
Papa Ki Pent Pahenili :D
Class Rooms r like Train

1st 2 benches r Executive Coaches-Reserved for VIP

Middle 2r Genral Compartment

N Last 2r Sleeper Class
I had so many arrears when i was studying.

Now i own microsoft.

My mates who’s no arrears r my employees!

-Bill Gates
Sir to Student:
“What is the full form of MATHS?”

student thinks hard & answers,

“Mentaly Affected Teachers Harming students” !
A Sleeping LION is stronger than a Barking DOG.
So a Sleeping STUDENT is better than a Barking TEACHER
Last Bench Association
Good Morning
Boy: Why did Gandhiji have no hair on his head?

Teacher: Its sign of intelligence…

Boy: Now i understand y gals have so long hair! ;)
Boy: If I kiss you and Run away what will you think??
Girl: I will think that it was a fool guy who can solve whole
paper but only done objectives
Boy Was Following A Girl,
Girl: please Do not follow me, Bcoz My Mother Is Coming Behind u,
Boy: Do not u Worry at all, because my Father Is following hr”
Girl: Can I hold your hand?
Boy: No"
Girl: Why?
Boy: because it will hurt too much when you let it go.