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Poem speaks the truth kept in heart and often poetry touches its divine heights when the poet embraces and pessimism. Even though many of us misunderstood that poetry is an art of praising the virtues of love, poetry is a medium that can deal with any subjects. Edgar Allen Poe’s horror poems and W.H.Auden;s ‘funeral blues’ are that sort of different poems that run out of the usual track. Read these poem text messages to know about various interesting facts about poetry.
U can fall from the sky
U can fall from a tree
But the best way to fall
is in love with me.
God in heaven,
God above,
please protect the one i love,
sent with a smile,
sealed with a kiss,
i love the one who is reading this
Phool hai gulaab ka
Phool hai gulaab ka
husn hai janaab ka
Tasveer tairee mairay dil main hai
Phir faida kia is naqaab ka
Dil Aur Aankh:
Dil Ne Kaha Aankh Se
Dheka Karo Kam
Dhekte Ho Tum Taraptay Hain Hum
Aankh Ne Kaha Dil Se
Socha Karo Kam
Sochte Ho Tum Baraste Hain Hum.
Khud ko mujh se juda kiya us ne,
Jo na karna tha wo kiya us ne,
Yaad karne se bhi na yaad aaown,
Aise mujh ko bhula diya us ne,
If I Could Be One Thing In Life,
I Would Be A Tear Born In Your Eyes,
Living On Your Cheeks, And
Dying On Your Lips
A Friendship is Sweet when its NEW
Its Sweeter when its TRUE
But Its Sweetest when the friend is like U.

Keep smiling
Don't cry
I love you
That's why
Don't forget me
Forget me never
Cause i'll be your friend
D Great 2 Lines
Of A Famous
English Poem..

"ICE" Melts
When Heated..

"EYES" Melts
When Hurted..
Cute poem in love :
"Please don't look at me again, i don't have another heart to lose again"
Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I was born beautiful,
but what the h**l happenned to you?
Birdy birdy in the sky.....

Dropped a poopy in my eye,,,

I don't worry I don't cry,,,

I'm just happy that cows can't fly!
Wen the bell rings,
The hallway does not glow.
But wen she sings,
My heart began to grow.
forgettin you is hard to do
forgettin me is up to you
forget me not
forget me never
forget this message
but not the sender
I luv ur eyes, i luv ur smile, i cherish ur ways, i adore ur style. Wat can i say, ur 1 of a kind and 24/7 ur on my mind!
Sweet poem:
one one 2
i remembr u
two two 4
mis u more
three three 6
our frndship is fix
four four 8
our relation is great
five five 10
take care my friend..
You live in my heart,
i won't break it apart,
even if it makes me to cry,
i will love you till i die
Poem written by a boy who lost his parents by Tsunami
"Sea I"ll never forgive u anymore even if ur waves touch my foot Million times"
Birth is the start of life,
Beauty is the art of life,
Mystery risk are part of life,
But true friends like you are heart of life .........
Shakespeare said:
"New friendz may be poems but old friends are alphabets
do not forget alphabets,

because you will need them to read the poems!!!!!!!
A Cute poem by a kid abt love:-)
I hav a heart n dat is true,
But now it has gone frm me 2 u,
So care 4 it just like i do,
Bcz i hav no heart n u hav two...!
I believe in angels,
The kind that heaven sends,
I am surrounded by angels,
But I call them friends.
Ink is red!
sky is blue..
a friend like u should be

kept in zoo..

Don't get angry u will find me there too...

Not in a cage but laughing at U..
Friend is an angel,
Someone thats true,
An angel I luv and,
Who luvs me 2!,
Someone who cares me,
Everything i do,
A friend and angel,
for me its U
Ur the sugar in my swt,
And the sand between my feet,

ur the star in my sky,
And the twinkle in my eye,

ur the one ill always love,
And my angel 4m above