Tricky riddle sms will stir the interest of both children and adults. Explore our puzzle sms collection to send a good text message on riddles to everyone known to you.
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Riddles, in any form, are capable of entertaining people. They have exceptional popularity among children. Riddles are always wise, tricky and make you think hard. One-liners, descriptive questions, puzzle and at times, even poems can be good riddles to think about and solving them will be immense fun. Solving riddles improves your kid's intelligence and critical thinking ability. Read and share this beautiful collection of riddles with your friends and family.
One Car Rs 4
One Bike 50 Paisa
One Cycle 25 Paisa

Purchase 20 Vehicals in 20rs,
It is necessary to purchase every thing at-least one.
Batain wo konsi Vegetable hay
Jis me Taala Or Chabi dono ata hain.?
It's A Challenge

Answer :

Lock Key
Are You Genius Then Give Me The Answer.
Odd And Even Numbers Ko Aese Add Karo Kay Answer Even Numbers Main Aye.
I have head and tail,
but no body. Who am I?
don't know
Pakistan Ka A?sa City Jis

Ko Urdu Mai Likhtay Waqt

15 Nuqtay Dalnay Partay Hain

Answer : Pak Patan Shareef
Iss Ques Ka Ans Btaho
Wo Khon Si Cheez Hai Jis Ko Agar Zameen Pe Painko To Nahi Tootti,
Lekin Agar Pani Mein Painko To Toot Jati Hai.

Ans is."ReflEctiOn"
It's challenge
ise ki english mai translate kar0. .

"humari billi hume hi miyaun"
Rep fast.

Answer is
My Tutor My Foot
Du u know Amrica has a state(Riyasat) in pakistan...!!

The name of the State is

Lalam USA

Talking abt
1 black n white tv ko kis tarah proove karo gy k wo colour tv hy?


Ans>> Black and white bhi tu colours hotay hain ..... Simple
Aquarium mai 2 fishes teir rahi hain
ab batao un mai se nur kon aur mada kon?
Challenge for you to tell the abbreviations…

1. I.Q. = ?
2. a.m = ?
3. p.m = ?
4. e.g. = ?
5. i.e. = ?
6. SIM = ?
7. OK = ?
A Beggar’s Brother Died,
But The Man Who Died Had No Brother
How Could This Be…?
Answers :-
The Beggar Was A Female
R u Fed Up With 4Ward Msgs..Read This One 'erac ekat' 'etin dug' 'zmrd teews' 'llew peels' Dis Is Not a Fwd Msg..This Is a Bckwd Msg..
I Like D People Like YOU who Like others Like ME and Make D others Like ME to Like YOU.....

Read it Again
There is a Wonderful Meaning.....
I'm the begining of the end.
U can C me twice in a decade but once in a year
& not in day but once in june & twice in a week.
Only genius can ans..
Ans = E
Five Frogs Are Sitting On a Log.
Four Decide To Jump Off.
How many Are Left?
Still five left.
There's a Lot of Difference Between Dciding and dng
The more you study. Tthe more you know. The more you know. The more you forget. The more you forget. The less you know. So why study?
Try to SOLVE
What it means:

Who said english is easy???Fill in the blank with YES or No... 1.-----I dont have brain... 2.-----I dont have sence... 3.-----I am stupid....
Why are men like snails? ..... They have horns, they slobber and they trudge along, and above all, they think the house is theirs.
What happens when the earth turn 30 times faster?...You get your salary every day and all women bleed dead!!!
think deeply?
not getting.

answer is “suroor”

tera(13)* tera(13)* tera(13)=suroor.
Kya Ap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain?


In Numbers Ko Is Trha Arrange Kren K Js Traf Se B Add Kren To 15 Answer Aae..!
Kya aap kisi bhi pen se aik saat teen (3) zero likh saktay ho?

answer is 1730 kesa !
Kya aap blue pen se red likh saktay ho?

very simple just write RED.