These stupid silly messages gives you a lot of fun. These text messages on silly jokes are the best way to de-stress you.
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Silly SMS

We all have our silly secretes and pleasure that are kept out of sun light by civilized ‘us’. In fact, we, in the true sense, are guided by these hidden inner feelings that are called ‘silly’ by our civilized conscious mind. Well, a theory can be called as very intelligent in an age where technology was not yet improved to find out that it was just ‘silly’. So an intelligent idea can be silly, some day and vice versa. We have more fun from silly things than from intelligent and meaningful things.Thus, we have made a collection of silly text messages for you to read, enjoy and share.
Teacher : Tell Any Microsoft Product Name?

Sam : MS Excel

Deepu: MS Word

Rony: MS PowerPoint

CHIKKU: After Thinking A Lot-

"MS Dhoni".
Take A Spoon Full Of Sugar And Put In Ur Eyes So U Will Have
Sweet Dreams

If U Want
Masala Dreams
Then Try
Chilly Powder.!
On Ur Responsibility;-)
"Change Can't Be Given 2 U Every Time,,
U Must Bring Da Change.."

Great Lines Said 2 Me By..


Mr. Bashir (General Store Walay) :D
Who Can Stop 500 Cars
With One Hand .??
Ans-It's Traffic
Police Sargent..
Maths Teacher Asks A Boy What Are


The Boy Replies They Are

The best Gifts 2 b Given..

2 A Frnd: H0NESTY,
2 Me:

NOKIA 5230
BMW etc.
When U Feel Alone
When Nobody Is With You
When Nobody Is Near You
When U Miss Everybody,

That Means,


U Are In "TOILET".

Started From Eyes.

Grew With Gifts

Ended With Tears.


Starts From Mobile

Grows With Dates

Ends With Sim Change.
Girl: Do U Have Any Sentimental Love Cards?

Shopkeeper: How About This Card, It Says "To The Only Boy I Ever Loved".

Girl: Great! I Want 10 Of Them..
Dad 2 Son:When I Beat U How U Stop Ur Anger?

Son: I Start Cleaning Toilet.

Dad: How It Satisfy U?

Son: I Clean It With Ur Toothbrush.:-D
Dad: What's Ur Result?
Son: I've Failed In 5 Subjects.
Dad: From Now Onwards Don't Call Me "DAD".
Son: Oh Come On Dad Its My School Test Not A DNA Test.
Scientists Have Finally Discovered
What Is Wrong With The Female Brain:

On The Left Side,
There Is Nothing Right,
On The Right Side,
There Is
Nothing Left.
Which Book Has Helped you most in your life?


My father's Cheque Book.
The Best Prank Call Ever:

"Hello KFC?"

"Yes How Can I Help You Sir??"


"I Want McDonald's Number".
A man sees a fat man
sitting in a train cabin.

Taunting, he asks:
Is this cabin for elephants only!

Fat man humbly replies:
No!Even monkeys like you can sit!
Newton's 6th Law of Motion:
Loose Motions Can Never Be
Done In Slow Motion.
Small angry,
Silly fights,
Simple sms,
Serious jokes,
Sensitive feelings,
Senseless speak, mixture of all is called
Real friendship...
A Girl In A Book Store.

Do U Have Book Called

"Women- The Perfect Intelligence"?

Sales man:"
The Comic Department Is On The Other Side"
A Boy Goes To See A Dance.

His Mom Angrily Asks Him:
Did U See Anything There That
U Were Not Supposed To See?

Boy: Yes, I Saw Dad!
"Behind Every Successful Man There
Is A Woman"
What V Learn From Dis????

V Should Stop Wasting Time In Studies
Find A Woman.......;-)
After Drinking Men Talk Unnecessarily...
Become Emotional...
Drive Badly
Stop Thinking
Fight 4 Nothing

"Alcohol Contains Female Hormones!"
Silly Thing About
When U Get Little,
U Want More
When U Get More,
U Desire More
When U Loose It,
U Realize Even Little
Best Ad By An AC Company...

"Buy AC's Because

The Youth Of Today
Is Committing
Suicides Using Fans." :-)
Difference Between Horror and Beautiful

A Beautiful Night is When You hug your teddy Bear And Sleep.
But horror is When it Hugs you Back.
You Get RICH Naturally As You Grow Old:

Silver In Ur Hair
Gold In Ur Teeth,
Sugar In Ur Blood,
Stones In Ur Kidney & Never Ending Supply Of GAS.