If you are looking for some good life messages, you will be all game for this good collection of life SMS. These text messages on life will be a treat for your thoughts.
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Life is more an illusion than a film that runs for one and half hour. If the movie gets finished, you can rewind the scene that you want to watch again, as it will be there unless there is any error in the player. At the same time, you can’t rewind the life and live an experience that you cherished in life once again. It is more dream-like and once it is over, it is over for ever. If you are thinking and agonizing over your bad luck in past, you are wasting precious time. These life text messages that have deep insights in it can give you a clear vision of life. Read and share this collection with friends.
Life is like a novel,
Its filled with suspense,
U have no idea whats going to happen,
Until u turn the page keep turning ur pages,
And enjoy the thrill of life.
Give thousand chances to your enemy
To become your friend.
But never give a single chance to your Friend
To become your enemy.
Heart may forget to beat
Eyes may forget to blink
Blood may forget to flow
But I cant forget you to love
Because you are something special in my life!
Hard work is yours
Then success is yours
If love is yours
Then life is yours
If confidence is yours
The the world is yours
Look Sweet
When u read my sms
When u read n smile
when u read ,smile n reply
So try to be Sweetest ALWAYS..
Sorrow keeps you human,
Failure keeps you humble,
Success keeps you glowing,
But only God keeps you going.
Who is friend?
A friend is one who sees ur first drop of tear,
Catches the second,
Stop the third,
Turns the 4th into a smile!!!
Robbers went 2 loot a bank without guns, and they looted! How?
Bank Manager was a fool. He told “No problem. I trust U. U can show d Gun Tomorrow
Rajiv: “What sort of a car has your dad got?”
Amit: “I can’t remember the name. I think it starts with T.”
Rajiv: “Really – Ours only starts with petrol.”
True friend scolds like a dad,
Cares like a mom,
Teases like a sister,
Irritates like a brother,
And finally loves U more than a lover.
Life is "xxx"

Yesterday Is Xperiences.
Today is Xperiments.
Tomorrow is Xpectations
so, use ur Experience in ur experiment to achieve
Laughing faces don’t mean that there is absence of sorrow,
But it means that they have the ability to deal with them. Keep smiling.
Read Slowly "LIFEISNOWHERE" What Did U Read! Life Is No Where Or Life Is Now Here? Just A Beautiful Line 2 Say "Life Depends On The Way We Look At It".
Heart Is Missing You And I Wonder…
Do You Miss Me Too? I Hope That You Do,
Because I Know I Miss You.
Never say ur happy when ur sad,
Never say ur fine when ur not ok,
Never say U feel good when U feel bad,
And never say ur alone when I’m still alive.
What is a flower without the sun?
What is the earth without the sky?
What am I without you?
that is why I tell you … I love you
Life paradox:
What u want u don’t get (luv)
What u get, u don’t enjoy (marriage)
What u enjoy, is not permanent (girlfriend)
What is permanent, is boring (wife)
Birth is the star of life.
Beauty is the art of life.
Love is the part of life.
But U are the heart of life.
Life is very short so…..
Break silly rules,
Forgive quickly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly and Never avoid anything that makes YOU smile.. :-l
Sentence Of The Day..
' If you can't forget some things in life.Make sure you don't give your self time to remember them."
U can't hug urself,
U can't cry on ur own shoulder,
LIFE is all about living 4 one-onther,
So care for them who LOVE u most..

Good Morning..
Friends, Health & Love
These things don�t come with PRICE TAGS
When we lose then, we realize D COST
' D Person who tries to keep everyone happy, Is always d most lonely person..''
Strange but True...
"Always welcome ur problems..! coz problms gives you dual advice..! one you can know how to solve that and other how to avoid it in future."