Read on to get a collection of Exam SMS. Send these text messages to your loved ones and wish them good luck for their examination.
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Exam SMS

Everyone has to go through the experience of giving examination in his life. What one expects during this time is someone to help or encourage him. When going to give an exam, the best wishes given by all the people around you seem to matter a lot. Since meeting a person to give your best wishes for his exam is not always possible, SMS have become the best bet. They cam be sent a few minutes before the exam, presenting good luck from your side. Here, we are providing a great collection of exam text messages which will help you wish someone and also relieve them of the stress a bit.
Din me chain nahi,raat ko neend nahi
jee nahi lagta hai kahin
Ae Khuda kya ye pyaar hai??�
�Nahi beta sabhi exams walo ka yehi ha
It takes
3 months for a Writer
2 months for a Doctor
1 month for a Lawyer and
Only 1 night before exam for a Student
To read a 1000 pages book
All the best!
As long as learning is linked with earning,
As long as jobs can only be reached through studying,
We must take this examination system seriously.
Best of luck!
Exams ka saya hai,
Exam ke dino mein sukh kisne paya hai
Duniya wale kehte hain ache number lao,
Par inhe kaun samjhaye yeh to moh maya hai.
Still, all the best!
Boy got a 0 in Exam.
Father: Yeh kya hai?
Son: Teacher ke pass stars khatam ho gaye thay,
Unhone planet diye hain!
Hope you get lots of stars and no planets!
Anatomy of Exams
Question Papr-Paheli
Ans Paper-Kora Kagaz
All the best!
Kash koi exam result ka insurance kara deta,
To har exam ka pehle premium bharwa deta,
Pass hote to thik hai,
Varna insurance claim karva leta…
All the best!
Lamha Lamha waqt guzar jayega…
Chund lamhon mein exam aa jayega…
Abhi bhi waqt hai, do line parh lo…
Warna pass kya Munna Bhai karvaye ga?
All the best!
To be a good professional,
Always start to study late for Exams.
Because it teaches how to manage Time
And tackle Emergencies!
Best of luck!
Exams r near
At d paper u stare
The answer is nowhere
It makes u pull ur hair
Grades r not fair
But just lik d past 15 yrs
We don’t care!
Best of luck!
Exams ke do din pehle syllabus dekha to yaad aaya,
Kuch To Hua Hai Kuch Ho Gaya Hai,
Exams ke din paper dekh kar yaad aaya,
Sab Kuch Alag Hai Sab Kuch Naya Hai!
Papers ki Roti.

Notes ka Achaar.

Tube Light ki Kirne.

Questions ki Bahar.

Teachers ki Dushmani.

Dostoo ka Pyaar..

MubaRak Ho AapKo XaMs Ka TehVaaR
Hi yay exam daratay kiyun hain,
Merri neend uratay kiyun hain,
Phurray bananay k liyay dost chayay hain,
Kiyun k kal say exam shoruu honay walay hain .
Lovely days in my life :
Childhood days,
School days
collage days,
Horrible days in my life :
“only exam days”
“The probability of a topic
coming in exam increases exponentially,
if one decides to leave the topic completely….”
My nights are going sleepless,
my days are going useless.
So I asked GOD,
“is this love?”
GOD replied,
“no dear, result is near”
Good news for Karachi University students
Exams of Uni have been postponed upto june
To confirm goto site
www.stopdreaming &
Whats d height of hope??
It is: sitting in d exam hall,
holding d question paper in hand
n telling ur self
“dude,dnt worry.
Exams will get postponed!”
Is A Person
Who Can Do For
$1 What Any Fool Can
Do For $100″
-As Such V Complete
Syllabus In 1 Day,
That Lecturers
Try In 1 Semester !!
What is the true meaning of ‘Study’??
S. Sleeping
T. Talking
U. Unlimited sms
D. Dreaming
Y. Yaani mast life
SO carry on study..!! Plzzzzz.
A Thermometer is n0t the 0nly thing
that gets a “DEGREE” without having a “BRAIN”…! :p
A silent msg f0r all students;-)
All i want you is to be courageous
Be calm and
be self equipped with facts and figures
to conquer this exams battle.
I wish you is best of luck in your exams
According to newton’s 4th law for exams-
every book will continue to be at rest
or covered with dust
until some
external or internal exam moves it!
The funniest situation in student life
when we have no idea what to write
in the exam paper n the supervisor comes
says, “please cover your answer sheet”
Paper Se Pehle Ki
Is Baar Pass
Kara De
Next Time
Zaruur Parhoonga ... ;->