Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Mothering Sunday) in United Kingdom.
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Mother's Day in United Kingdom

Origin and History of Mother's Day in United Kingdom

UK was the first country in the world to celebrate Mother's Day in the early 17th century. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the nation. The event takes place on the fourth Sunday in May. Hence, the dates of the event vary from that of the US. It is said that Mother's day was celebrated as Mothering Sunday in the 17th century. In those days, children used to visit the church and present their moms with flowers they gathered from bushes along the way. Girls baked special cakes called 'Simnel Cakes' for this event. It is an ancient custom compared to the US. Presently, this special day is referred as Mother's Day and is celebrated in a similar way as it is celebrated in the US. Children express their love by presenting flowers and gifts to their mother.

Local name: Mothering Sunday

Ways to celeberate Mothering Sunday in United Kingdom

Mother's Day is celebrated with great excitement in UK. On this special occasion, children honor their mothers and thank them for their full time guidance and support. Flowers mark new records with their maximum sale on this day. People in UK love to express their appreciation for their mothers by giving flowers. Roses, carnations and chrysanthemums are the popular varieties. Mother's are also treated with rich almond cake which is commonly named as 'Mothering Cake' or 'Simnel Cake'. Children plan the day with surprises that makes mothers know how special and important she in their life.