Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Parents Day) in Republic Of Korea.
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Mother's Day in Republic Of Korea

Origin and History of Mother's Day in Republic Of Korea

Parent�s day is celebrated as both Mother�s and Father�s day in the Republic of Korea. The day is commemorated on May 8 every year. The first Parent�s day was held in the year 1973. Devotion to parents or elders was always considered as one of the highest virtues in the traditional Korean society. This special day is meant to honor parents, grandparents and in-laws or any parental figures. Children buy gifts to express their gratitude to their parents. A red carnation is regarded as a symbol of honor in the Republic of Korea. Hence the day is celebrated by giving carnations to all the elders in the family.

Local name: Parents Day

Ways to celeberate Parents Day in Republic Of Korea

Korean mothers are known for their extremely sensitive behavior throughout the globe. It is also needless to say that they struggle hard for the well being of their family. Hence, this day is celebrated to strengthen the relationship between mother and children. A red carnation is considered as a traditional gift. It is given to all Korean parents or grandparents on this special occasion. Children also buy cards with their personalized messages about love for their elders. They also sing songs themed to Parent's day. Ceremonies are held in temples or cultural organizations to honor the elderly people in that particular region. Local governments reward devoted and dutiful sons and daughters on this day. In return, adults hand over electronic gifts to the kids.