Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Mother’s Day) in Russia.
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Mother's Day in Russia

Origin and History of Mother's Day in Russia

In Russia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of November, unlike most countries round the world. Initially, Mother’s Day was never celebrated in Russia. But in the 1940s, this day became popular amongst Russian women who declared a day for rebellion women struggling for equal rights. It was Russian President Boris Yeltsin who officially declared last the Sunday of every November as Mother’s Day. The day holds a lot of importance as it comes as a great opportunity for children to express their intense love and care towards their mother. As such, Mother’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal all over the country. It is altogether an emotional day for every mother in Russia. Children make endless efforts to make this day joyful and memorable for their mother.

Local name: Mother’s Day

Ways to celeberate Mother’s Day in Russia

Mother’s Day in Russia is celebrated with lots of excitement and fun. Mothers sit back and relax while the children prepare special meals for them. Mother’s Day is seen as an opportunity to promote a great bonding in the family. Children thank their mothers for everything they have conferred upon them. They thank them for undying love and care. Young children gift handmade cards and crafts to their mother and write small quotes on them express their deepest feelings. The entire family generally goes out for dinner. At the dinner, children show their gratitude by gifting nice traditional flowers to their mother, accompanied with an emotional message. This message showcases their sentiments and emotions. They end up dancing together on any fun and frolic kind of music.