Read about Easter, its history and how it is celebrated in different parts of the world.

Easter Around the World

What is Easter?

The word ‘Easter’ was originally derived from the word ‘Eostre’. It was believed that Eostre was an ancient Greek goddess of spring who returned to Earth with the light and warmth of spring. Easter commemorates the rebirth of Jesus Christ. It also marks the start of the spring season and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by Christians across the world. Easter is an occasion that denotes life, rejuvenation, renewal, rebirth and restoration of all beings on Earth.

Origin of Easter

Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday (i.e. Good Friday). His body was removed and buried in a cave near Mount Cavalry (which is situated just outside Jerusalem). On the Sunday following the crucifixion, the tomb was found to be empty. The body of Jesus was missing. Later during the day Jesus appeared in various places at different times. People could not believe their eyes and touched him to confirm if he was real. Thereafter people accepted Jesus as the true Son of God and started celebrating his rebirth.

Ways to Celebrate Easter

Easter has been celebrated in several ways across the globe. The day is considered auspicious as it marks the transition from death to life. Easter also symbolizes a new beginning which gives an opportunity for people to welcome the spring season with joy. There are several signs linked with the occasion such as eggs, rabbits, chicks, lilies and new clothing. Each symbol has its own unique representation in the religion. Easter Eggs are believed to represent the start of life while rabbits and chicks signify the rebirth of earth. White lilies (also known as Easter Lilies) signify the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Also known as: Easter, Правосл&, Domhnach Cásca, Dyngus Day, Easter Sunday, Eerste Paasdag, Greek Orthodox Easter, Húsvét, Ostern, Paşti, Pâques, Páscoa, Pascua De Resurrección, Pasqua, Påsk, Påske, Semana Santa, Sham El-Nessim, Velikden and Velikonoce.

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