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Passover Around the World

What is Passover?

Passover is the most popular Jewish festival celebrated on the 14th day of Hebrew month (Nisan). The festivities begins at sunset, and lasts for seven or eight days. This event commemorates the end of Jews struggle in Egypt. It is the first Jewish festival mentioned in the Bible and its observances is also followed by some Christians.

Origin of Passover

The origin of Passover dates back to 3000 years when Jews were forced into slavery. They were forced to construct the great cities of Egypt. Threatened by the Jewish population and strength, the pharaoh of Egypt ordered his servants to throw all new born Jewish boys into the river Nile. A male child named Moses escaped this evil act. God asked Moses to save the Jews from the Pharaohs and created ten plagues to destroy the new born children of the Egyptians. At the end of this battle a lamb was sacrificed and its blood was placed on the doors of every Jewish home for the angels of death to pass over. Thus the name Passover came into existence. Later frightened by the power of God, the pharaoh freed the Jews from slavery. Thus, the story of Passover ended happily.

Ways to Celebrate Passover

Jews describe Passover as the Jewish Thanksgiving festival. Many Jews observe this day as a family re-union. The first two days of Passover are celebrated with fun, enthusiasm and rich food. On these days the traditional festive meal called Seder acts as a major attraction. During the Seder dinner the Passover story is told to the children. After which the Jews follow the tradition of consuming four cups of grape juice or wine. The Jews believe that each cup of wine symbolizes Godís promise to protect them from evil and moreover they think wine is the drink of loyalty.

Also known as: Passover, Pesach and Pessa'h.

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