Read about Thanksgiving Day, its history and how it is celebrated in different parts of the world.

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Thanksgiving Day Around the World

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day is a day meant to express the heartfelt gratitude to the harvest. The day is traditionally observed in different ways around the world. Thanksgiving Day is considered a secular holiday and is celebrated with harmony, peace and fun across the globe. It is a great day filled with lots of fun and boisterous festivity for all the people around the world. The day is observed for its bountiful harvest and thriving wealth.

Origin of Thanksgiving Day

Origin of the earliest Thanksgiving Day celebrations date back to 1621. History indicates that a group of pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated a long feast together at Plymouth Plantation. This led to the commemoration of thanking nature for a good harvest. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans carried out harvest celebrations which included feasts, music and parades. Ancient China celebrated their harvest festival with family members sharing the ‘moon cake’. It is also known as the famous Moon Festival. The ancient Jews also observed the harvest festival that lasted for 8 days.

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated under various names in different countries. It is an alluring day celebrated with lots of fun by all the people across the globe. Modern day cuisine like turkeys and tender butter balls are considered as the traditional feast for the occasion. Family members and friends indulge in dishes prepared with duck, eel, seal, cod, lobster, goose, wild fowl and deer meat as the part of this autumn celebration.

Also known as: Thanksgiving Day, Chu Suk, Harvest Festival, Homowo Festival, Jour De L'Action De Grâce, Kinrō Kansha No Hi and Tadau Ka'amatan.

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