Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Mother’s Day) in Ireland.
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Mother's Day in Ireland

Origin and History of Mother's Day in Ireland

In Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Christian fasting month of Lent, unlike most other countries who mark in the month of May. The root of Mother’s Day in Ireland lies in the medieval age. During 16th century, poor children were sent on work for livelihood. These children were given a holiday to visit their “Mother Church” and worship Virgin Mary. After worshipping, they used to go to their mothers and present them with beautiful flowers. The same tradition continues to follow till date where kids shower lots of emotions and sentiments to their mother. In Ireland, this day is devoted in making mothers tremendously happy and contented. They thank their mothers for all the hardships they have undertaken for the betterment and welfare of their children. Children, in turn, shower lots of love, care, affection, and gratitude to their mother by serving her with all sorts of food, gifts, and pampering throughout the day.

Local name: Mother’s Day

Ways to celeberate Mother’s Day in Ireland

The way to celebrate this auspicious festival was revived after World War II by the Americans. Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated with huge enthusiasm and spirits. With commercialization, the way of expressing love has changed but the feelings and emotions attached with it remain the same. Children replace their mothers and make meals for them. Many communities organize special dramas, plays, and dances to admire all the sacrifices and efforts done by mothers for the good life of their children. Mothers are gifted with beautiful traditional flowers, cards, and other gifts by their kids. They thank their mothers in every possible way. They convey their emotions and feelings illustrating how much they care and respect her.