Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Fête Des Mères) in France.
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Mother's Day in France

Origin and History of Mother's Day in France

In France, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of May and is referred to as Fete Des Meres. It is a French tradition to honor mothers. This day was officially declared in 1950 and inaugurated by Napoleon. It is basically a family affair. Mothers are given a special treatment on this day. Children gift flowers, cards, and other gifts to their mothers, with lots of sentiments and feelings attached within. Mothers are relieved of their work, giving them an opportunity to simply relax and chill while children handle all the chores of the house. Small children recite cute poems and give homemade cards expressing their love towards them. They tell their mothers that “You Are the Best” as she is an inspiration for their strength and wisdom. To shower love, children fulfill all her needs on this day and take her out for lavish dinners.

Local name: Fête Des Mères

Ways to celeberate Fête Des Mères in France

Traditionally, a mother is honored with a nice yummy cake in the shape of a flower bouquet. The cake itself comes out as a great surprise filled with sincere emotions and sentiments. A family dinner is a compulsory part of Mother’s Day celebration in France. Since France is a country of wines and grapes, many families gift a nice polished bottle of wine or champagnes to their mother. Young children showcase their feelings to their mothers through handmade cards and other impressive crafts. Children show their writing skills through poems depicting their feelings and indicating a mother’s importance in their life. Elder children prepare breakfast for their mothers and offer a delicious brunch. As fashion and perfumes are important parts of French lifestyle, children surprise their mothers with related wonderful gifts.