Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Hari Ibu) in Indonesia.
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Mother's Day in Indonesia

Origin and History of Mother's Day in Indonesia

Mother’s Day is a worldwide festival celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood. No matter how much we thank our mother everyday for their unconditional love and care, but this particular day is purely dedicated to make them feel special and valued. Mother’s Day traditions and observance can vary from one country to another, depending on the origin of this celebration. As such, Mother’s Day in Indonesia plays a special role in Indonesian history, culture, and society. In fact, Indonesian Mother’s Day is not just for mothers but for the entire women community. It is observed as a national holiday in Indonesia and is celebrated on December 22 every year. This day owes its origin to the first All Indonesian Women’s Congress that was held on the same day in the year 1928. However, the idea of making it an official celebration was carried out during 1938. And in 1959, this day was officially declared as Mother’s Day in Indonesia after it was signed by President Soekarno under Presidential Decree No. 316. Read how Mother’s Day is celebrated in Indonesia.

Local name: Hari Ibu

Ways to celeberate Hari Ibu in Indonesia

Mother’s Day is referred to as ’Hari Ibu’ in the Indonesian language. Originally, this day was aimed to celebrate the spirit of Indonesian women and improve the condition of the nation. But, it is now celebrated for expressing love and gratitude to mothers apart from the traditional belief. In Indonesia, Hari Ibu is all about one thing - freedom and democracy of women. It emphasizes on giving power to women who are believed to build a stronger society in the future. On this day, it is a customary practice to send gifts, flowers, and greeting cards to mothers and women. Moreover, many people hold surprise parties and competitions, like cooking competition and Kebaya wearing competition, to rejoice womanhood. Some people allow mothers to have a day off from the hectic domestic responsibilities. However, many seminars and meetings are also organized on this day, which celebrates women’s development in the modern world and women’s empowerment.