Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Mothers Day) in Sweden.
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Mother's Day in Sweden

Origin and History of Mother's Day in Sweden

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates across the nation. Not all countries dedicate a single day to mothers. Millions of people pay tribute to their moms for being their constant support and well wisher. The day is meant to honor all mothers around the world. In Sweden, Mother’s Day is observed on the last Sunday in May. This special day is considered as a family holiday throughout the country. On this special day tiny plastic flowers are sold by Swedish Red Cross throughout the country. The day is also observed as charitable holiday in Sweden. Hence Swedish children pick these wild daffodils and present it to their moms on this occasion.

Local name: Mothers Day

Ways to celeberate Mothers Day in Sweden

The day is celebrated in various ways throughout the country. Mother’s Day is considered as an opportunity to honor mothers and show appreciation for their constant support throughout their lives. Buying flowers for moms is considered as the common way of celebrating this special occasion. Children organize prayer services in honor of their mothers in churches. They also buy Mother’s Day card or a bunch of bouquet to make their mothers feel unique on this day. Kids make handmade gifts to mark this occasion. Grown up children prefer to dine out or gift jewelry on this day. Restaurants are generally seen over crowded with people. They also organize family picnics and have fun on Mother’s day. Family members try to ease her task for the day by completing all the household chores on this event.