Read about the origin, history and celebration of Mother's Day (Mother’s Day) in South Africa.
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Mother's Day in South Africa

Origin and History of Mother's Day in South Africa

In South Africa, Mother’s Day is celebrated on every second Sunday in the month of May and holds huge importance. They celebrate this festival in true spirit and with great enthusiasm to honor their mother and other respected ladies. South Africans acknowledge the importance of mother in their lives with this auspicious festival. They thank them for their unconditional love and care that is bestowed upon them continuously. They appreciate her for all the good and needy she has done for them. As such, they gift beautiful traditional carnation flowers to them to shower feelings of affection and gratitude. Small kids gift homemade cards filled with lots of sentiments and make endless efforts to thank her.

Local name: Mother’s Day

Ways to celeberate Mother’s Day in South Africa

Mother’s day is a very special day for the people of South Africa. They gift carnation flowers to their mothers and afterwards wear them as an act of promoting the festival’s spirit. They honor their mothers by wearing a red or pink carnation if the mother is alive and white if she is dead. The festival is taken as a great opportunity to thank and shower love on the mothers. On this day, mothers are pampered a lot. Most children take over the roles of their mother and let them relax for the entire day. They make favorite meals for a luxurious breakfast. They fulfill all the wishes of their mother and treat her with all sorts of gifts and outings that can give her a sigh of relief from the endless household chores. Most families simply sit on a comfortable and cozy couch, watch videos or mother’s favorite movies and leisurely enjoy the day. Young children gift homemade cards to their mothers which are simply priceless and unmatchable for them.