Naughty SMS are for those who enjoy a bit of mischievous humor. Have fun sending this text messages collection to your naughty friends.
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Naughty SMS

It is not bad to be naughty once in a while, especially around those with whom you are frank. In this context, SMS are very popular. They endorse mischievous humor, without being overly cheap and vulgar. If you are also looking for naughty text messages, to share them with your friends, the SMS collection provided below will come handy. Go through the following lines and select the naughty SMS you find the best for sending.
I really deeply wish
You were here in my room,
On my bed, with lights off
We would be under the cover together…
And I will show you my glowing…
Wrist Watch.
Dear Mobile user
We can see that
you are too dump to use your mobile
Please put it on the floor
and start jumping on it.
Mobile Operator.
According to Newton's 1st Law of Love
Love neither can be created nor be destroyed,
Only be changed from one girlfriend to another
Girl: Will you love me after marriage also?
Boy: Well, this depends on your husband,
Whether he allows me or not.
When I was young, I begged God for a mobile,
But realized God does not work that way...
So, I stole a mobile and begged for forgiveness!
One out of four people in the world is a Chinese.
If your father, your mother and your brother
Are not Chinese, it must be you.
A girl phoned me yesterday and said...
"Come on over, there?s nobody at home."
I went over. Nobody was home!
To live a comfortable life, one needs
Brain, reflex, IQ
Knowledge, way of expression
And many more qualities.
Amazingly, you are doing great
Without it!
What is the height of Flirting?
When your love letter starts with
Husband: Did u have any boyfriend before our marriage?
After 2 minutes of silence…
Main is khamoshi ko kya samjhu?
Wife: I am still counting...
Patient: Doctor, ye phulon ki mala kiske liye?
Doctor: Ye mera pehla operation hai,
Success hua to mere liye, nahi to tumhare liye.
Q: Why is sex similar to shaving?
A: Well, because no matter how well you do it today,
Tomorrow you have to do it again.
Teacher: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller?
Pappu: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.
Teacher: Soch or Veham me kya fark hai..?
Pappu: Aap ki Beti Sweet & Sexy hai…
Ye hamari Soch hai or
Wo hamare hathon se bach jayegi
Ye Aap ka Veham hai.
Q: Lesbian kisko kehte hain?
A: Two kamini ladkiyan, jo ladko ko khush nahi dekh sakti!
Wives r incoming calls,
Lovers r outgoing calls,
Aunties r toll-free calls,
Call girls r roaming calls,
Neighbour girls r missed calls.
A just born baby was laughing hard with its tiny fingers closed.
The confused Pediatrician unfolded his tiny fingers & found...
A Birth Control pill!
Boy (to girl): What’s there in between your legs?
Girl: He*l ! And what’s there in between your legs?

Boy: A sinner, who wants to go to he*l !!
Once a girl lost her virginity….

Rajnikanth got it back for her
Wife: My hubby and I have, what he calls-Olympic s*x.
Friend: Wow, must be a terrific s*x life?

Wife: Not really. It only happens once in 4 years.
What Is The Similarity
Between A Blu3 Movie
A Tragedy Movie ??

Both May Make u
Run For T!ssues .
What’s The Most Popular Word That Begins
With ‘F’ & Ends With ‘K’?
The Word You Thought Is
The 2nd Most Popular!
Son was crying
Father came and said: why r u crying? tell me I am ur bst frnd
Son: kuch nahi yaar ice cream ziyada mang li thi to teri wali ne mara
Written on the T-Shirt of a girl:

Objects inside the T-Shirt
are larger than they appear from outside
Which type of girls
wear transparent dresses?
The girls not having
any confidence on
imagination power
of a man ! ;)