Here is a collection of adult SMS, including funny adult SMS and jokes. Have fun sending these adult text messages to your friends.
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Adult SMS

Adult SMS Messages are popular among naughty people, who send them mainly with the purpose of teasing their friends. They usually have double meanings in the beginning, but end with an innocent message. Here, we have gathered here a collection of adult text messages, which comprises of funny adult SMS, Hindi adult SMS and adult jokes. Go through them and select the ones you find naughty enough to send them to your friends and have fun.
Teacher: What is your caste?
Student: Pehle hum Singh they,
Phir Rajput hue,
Phir Sharma ho gaye,
Abhi hai Darzi….
Aaage Mummy ki marzi
Ek bar karo na plz…
Kisi ko pata nahi chalega…
Plz karo naaa…
Muje acha lage ga…
Ek bar hamari dosti ki khatri
Kar do na plz…
Ek pyara sa SMS!
A man was traveling in a train with 3 babies
A woman inquired - Do these babies belong 2 u?
Man: No, I work in a condom factory n

these r customers’ complaints.
Sardar: Yar meri biwi pani se bohat darti hai.
Friend: Acha wo kaise?
Sardar: Yar kal mein ghar gaya to wo bathtub
mai bhi security guard k sath bethi thi!
English teacher: Make a sentence using neither-nor?
Boy: When girls wear tight fitting dresses, neither are they comfortable nor we.
He came at night, exposed my body,
got on top of me, touched me,
he bit, sucked, swallowed,
when he was satisfied, he left
I was hurt . . .

Mosquito !
Doctor to Lady: You r looking so weak and exhausted!
Are you properly taking 3 meals a day as I had advised?

Lady: Oh my God! I heard 3 males per day!
Last night I went to bed without u.
Cold, thinking of u,
Missing ur warmth,
Your soft touch against my skin.
Where were u last night?
My blanket…
Q: What is differance between Aadami & Aurat?
A: Aurat ek hi aadami se bahut sari ummeed karti hai.

Aur aadami bahut sari aurato se ek hi ummeed karta hai...
Train mai ek husband apni wife se:
Tujhse shadi karke pachta raha hun
Dil kerta hai tujhey kuttay k agay dal dun
Samnay wala passenger: wao wao wao wao!
Man came home,
Saw his Wife with his Friend in Bed.
He shoots his Friend.
Wife says, if you behave like this,

You will lose all your friends.
Father: You should marry this girl.
She is Kalavati, Gunwanti and Roopmati.

Son: I'll have to marry my girlfriend coz she's Garbhavati.
A couple had a fight one night
Going to bed Husband says:
Good night mother of my 3 kids.
Wife Replied: Good night father of none.
It’s the thing that satisfies
Your mind, body & soul!
Do it on bed, on a sofa,
In the car or anywhere!
It’s called Prayer!

God bless your naughty mind!
Judge: U want 2 divorce ur husband 4 threatening u wid a deadly weapon? Wife: no ur honor i am divorcing him 4 threatening of every night wid dead weapons.
Small Boy wrote to Santa Claus,”please santa send me a brother”
Santa wrote back,