Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter in Switzerland.
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Easter in Switzerland

Origin and History of Easter in Switzerland

Officially known as Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a federal republic country located in Western Europe, encircled by Germany, France, Italy, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Easter, being the most significant festival of Christians all over the world, is celebrated with much joviality and grandeur in Switzerland as well. This day marks the rebirth of Jesus Christ after three days of his death. Each Christian country or community celebrates this holy festival of Easter by following its own distinct traditions and norms. Similarly, Switzerland celebrates this holy festival with some unique rituals and customs, making it a little different from other European countries. Switzerland has a community of people who follow both the churches, Western Roman Catholic and Easter Orthodox Church. It is more a matter of celebrations and joy rather than observing its religious significance. In a way, for the Swiss, Easter is a time to honor the arrival of sunny days of spring and mark the end of the long fasting period of Lent.

Local name: Easter

Ways to celeberate Easter in Switzerland

Easter in Switzerland is an event of happiness and merriment to honor Jesus and his teachings. It is a long weekend break for Swiss people starting from Good Friday and concluding on Easter Monday, a day after Easter Sunday. In some locales, passion plays based on Biblical events and formal processions are carried out to signify the sacrifice of Christ. Similar to other European countries, celebrations are incomplete without the tradition of coloring and decorating Easter eggs. Another unique egg tradition is commenced on Easter Monday in Zurich, known as “Zwanzgerle”. As per this custom, children challenge their adults (parents, relatives) to break their decorated Easter eggs with a twenty cent coin. Following the bet, if the adults fail to break the eggs, the child would keep the coin and if they succeed, they will get the coin as well as the Easter egg. Near Geneva in Nyon, on Easter, water fountains are decorated with flowers, ribbons, and Easter eggs.