Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter in Belgium.
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Easter in Belgium

Origin and History of Easter in Belgium

In Belgium Easter is one of the big celebrations. Christians celebrate Easter every year in remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As per the historical records Jesus was crucified on a cross on Friday some two thousand years ago and on following Sunday, Christ rose from his tomb and went to heaven. The day of Jesus’ death is called Good Friday and the following Sunday is observed as Easter. Many historians proclaim that Easter was originally a pagan festival. The ancient Saxons celebrated the return of spring with the grand festival called Eastre. Later with the existence of Christianity, Pagans slowly started converting into Christianity, thus the early name Eastre was eventually changed to Easter and was linked to resurrection of Jesus.

Local name: Easter

Ways to celeberate Easter in Belgium

People in Belgium celebrate Easter with the great spirit. This festival marks the transition from darkness to light and from death to life. Christians make elaborate preparations to celebrate this oldest Christian festival. As a part of Easter, churches are beautifully decorated with the flowers and decoratives. Men and women dress up in a special outfit to offer special prayers. Some of the churches organize community gatherings and dinner. The festive meal consists of ham, pancakes, eggs, chocolates, potatoes and lamb. Some of the people use this holiday for family get-together and picnics thus they enjoy the Easter celebration at most.