Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Domhnach Cásca) in Ireland.
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Easter in Ireland

Origin and History of Easter in Ireland

Ireland is a striking island positioned in the northwest of Europe, encircled by hundreds of small islands and islets. Ireland is predominantly a Catholic country with more then 70% people following Roman Catholicism. Just like many other Catholic countries, Ireland too celebrates all Christian festivals. Easter is the most prominent festival observed by the entire Christian community across the world, Ireland being no different to it. In Ireland, the religious significance of Easter is broadly celebrated rather than its festivities. Easter Sunday is an occasion for Christians to celebrate Jesus Christ's resurrection, three days after his crucifixion on Good Friday. Apart from this, it also marks the beginning of the spring season where everything becomes colorful and the earth becomes alive with flowers and joy. Easter eggs, young lambs, spring flowers, and birds are the symbols of Easter in Ireland. Easter Sunday and the next day, Easter Monday are declared as national holidays in Ireland.

Local name: Domhnach Cásca

Ways to celeberate Domhnach Cásca in Ireland

Easter is believed to be a very holy occasion in Ireland. Preparations start right from Palm Sunday when people take part in mass processions in the honor of Jesus’ sacrifice. Holy Saturday (Saturday before Easter Sunday) is the day for people to get holy water from the Church. A special midnight service and midnight mass procession is performed to commemorate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. Back at home, people clean their houses (spring cleaning) and decorate them with beautiful trinkets and accessories. Traditionally, the Irish people buy and wear new clothes on Easter Sunday. Young girls put on yellow dresses, white shoes, and green ribbons in their hair or wear crosses made from green ribbon on their right sleeves. These bright colors and new clothes symbolize purity and start of a new life. Big Easter chocolate eggs are the specialty of Irish celebrations which are gifted to near and dear ones. After Easter Sunday mass, people get together and enjoy the luxurious Easter feast with family and friends to rejoice the new beginning.