Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Ostern) in Germany.
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Easter in Germany

Origin and History of Easter in Germany

Easter celebrates the re-birth of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion. There are many stories associated with the Easterís origin. Some historians believe that Easter originated from the ancient Anglo-Saxons spring celebration. They used to worship the goddess Eostre during this festival. With the popularity of Christianity, the religious missionaries encountered the ancient Saxons festival and along with these customs they integrated Christian traditions and celebrated it as Easter. According to other beliefs the name Easter originated from the Latin term, hebdomada alba, which means white week. This world was used in reference to Easter week during which the white clothing was baptized. It is believed that the translation error resulted in a term esostarum, which later became known as Easter.

Local name: Ostern

Ways to celeberate Ostern in Germany

Easter is probably one of the most important events of the year in Germany. Many customs like decorating eggs and Easter bunnies have originated from this country. Germany gets ready for the season a week before the Easter celebration and people burn the old Christmas trees to provide warmth and welcome the festival. During the festive season the special spring flowers are on display and the traditional Easter trees are decorated beautifully with colorful lights and ornamental eggs. The celebration starts on Good Friday with draping of the cross. On Easter Saturday the entire Germany is lit with bright colored light to chase away the dark from the spring and to welcome the warm season. During Easter Sunday people visit the church for their early morning prayers and attend the traditional Easter lunch filled with lamb, potatoes, pancakes, cookies, and eggs. The Chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs are given as presents to near and dear ones to mark the beginning of a new season.