Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Pâques) in Canada.
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Easter in Canada

Origin and History of Easter in Canada

According to historical records Easter is associated with the ancient spring festival. This event was celebrated to welcome the change in weather and greet the fertility of crops and animals. With the popularity of Christianity celebrations associated with the ancient spring festivals became famous as Easter-the re-birth of Jesus. The word Easter is derived from the ‘Eostre’ which is the name of the Anglo-Saxon spring goddess. Before 325 A.D. Easter was celebrated on different days of the week. Later the council of Nicaea issued a rule to celebrate Easter on Sunday. The festival had a strong impact in Canada as the majority of the people belonged to the Christian community.

Local name: Pâques

Ways to celeberate Pâques in Canada

Like other countries Canada also celebrates Easter on Sunday. In most of the provinces the day after Easter i.e. Monday, is considered as a civic holiday because Easter falls on a non-working day. On this festive day some people attend the special prayer services in the church, while others spend time with their families and friends by indulging themselves in the famous Easter egg activities. Easter eggs play an important role in the celebration as people believe that it represents the re-birth of nature and the promise of new life. Easter eggs are made from chocolates, candies etc. It is considered a major gift for the season. As a part of the observation people lit the Easter candles on the eve of Easter to welcome the rebirth of the sun god, which is directly linked to the Pagan festival. The occasion includes many activities such as craft contest, ice skating, sculpting and many other winter games. As many of the ancient festival celebrations are associated with Easter, this festive season helps people to keep up the traditions.