Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Velikonoce) in Czech Republic.
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Easter in Czech Republic

Origin and History of Easter in Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a small and beautiful landlocked country in central Europe. Most of the population follows Christianity; thus, Easter is celebrated with much zeal and magnificence. The people refer Easter with a traditional name called 'Velikonoce', which means ‘Great Night or Great Nights’. It was on this day when Jesus Christ resurrected back on earth after his crucifixion on Good Friday. Easter is the time when Mother Nature awakes from the hibernation and the sun starts warming the land of Czech Republic. Therefore, this holy festival is regarded as a colorful and optimistic festival. Traditional customs and rituals of Easter follow their roots to the pre-Christian, pagan times that are largely observed in villages and small towns. One of the preceding events before Easter is Flower Sunday (last Sunday) which is commemorated as Christ’s entry to Jerusalem. On this day, people broom clean their homes and wear new clothes to get ready for the festive season. Easter is an eminent festival in Czech Republic.

Local name: Velikonoce

Ways to celeberate Velikonoce in Czech Republic

Easter is one of the largest festivals in the Christian calendar, but it also marks the beginning of the spring season. Easter celebrations of Czech Republic include many wonderful events and traditional rituals which make it unique in the world. The main festival is celebrated on Easter Monday and Easter Sunday (Neděle velikonoční) is a day for preparations. Girls paint, color and decorate their Easter eggs (kraslice) while boys prepare their pomlázkas (the whipping sticks), which are used during the grand celebration on Easter Monday. The traditional name of Easter Monday is Whipping Monday in Czech. On this day, boys and men go from house to house and emblematically whip women’s or girls’ legs with a whip and recite an Easter carol along. In return, they get a ribbon and a painted Easter egg from the girls. The grand Easter feast includes lots of mouth-watering authentic Czech delicacies, like 'Babovka', 'Mazanec', Easter gingerbread, Easter Ram Cake, Judas Cake, and 'God’s Mercy' (a type of doughnut sprinkled with sugar).