Read about the origin, history and celebration of Fatherís Day in United States.
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Fatherís Day in United States

Origin and History of Fatherís Day in United States

Fatherís Day that we celebrate today has its roots from the United States. Ms Sonora Smart Dodd created a mass campaign to dedicate a special day to all fathers. This is because she lost her mother at a very early age. She and her other sisters were single-handedly brought up by her father William Smart. This noble thought motivated her mind when she visited a Motherís Day Sermon in the year 1909. She then dedicated a special day to all fathers to pay tribute to their hard work and love. It soon came into observance across the nation. In the year 1972, President Nixon declared Fatherís Day as a national holiday and it was celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Local name: Fatherís Day

Ways to celeberate Fatherís Day in United States

Fathers are the foundations of a family. They play a major role in bringing up their children. Fatherís Day is a meant to thank and appreciate the role played by our fathers in our lives. It is to make them realize how special they are. Fatherís day is celebrated with great zeal and exuberance all over the US. It is observed on the third Sunday of June every year. People in the US also dedicate Fatherís day to foster fathers, grandfathers, step fathers, uncles and men who are like a fathers to them. Roman Catholics celebrate Fatherís Day on the Saint Josephís Day/Saint Josephís Day. In the US, usually Fatherís Day is a special day for children. Many people spend the time with their family on this day to celebrate the reunion and togetherness. Fathers are pampered with lots of gifts, flowers and cards. Since it is a national holiday in the US, most of them opt for a day out with their dads or have a party. Preparation for Fatherís Day starts many days prior to the celebration. The event begins with the sale of cards, flowers, party invitations; picnic ideas to increase the popularity of the festivity.