Read about the origin, history and celebration of Father’s Day (Vatertag) in Germany.
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Father’s Day in Germany

Origin and History of Father’s Day in Germany

Vatertag or Father’s Day in Germany is celebrated with the great zeal. Vatertag celebration began in the Middle ages as a religious procession honoring” Gott den Vater” on Ascension Day. According to this religious ceremony the day was used to honor God the Father. Later in seventeenth century the pious Vatertag became a family day for honoring fathers, gradually this family celebration became a national wide celebration. From 1920 Father’s Day in Germany turned into a big booze celebration. Thus from then, Vatertag is less about honoring father and more of a jolly night out. Hence Vatertag became famous as men’s bar tour and boozing day. Today Vatertag Day merriment is a jovial alcoholic celebration.

Local name: Vatertag

Ways to celeberate Vatertag in Germany

In Germany Vatertag Day or Father’s Day was a religious celebration, later with time it became a family day to honor father, but soon became popular as drinking day, where men tour the bars and pubs to enjoy the whole night. In some places people still observe the day to show their respect and love for their dad dear. In Germany Vatertag Day is a public holiday thus families enjoy the trip and get-together. For men the day is a great feast, where friends gather in parks and pubs to consume alcohol in large amount. Thus the day makes German bar and brewery owners happy, but hardly anyone else.