Read about the origin, history and celebration of Father’s Day (Father's Day) in Ireland.
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Father’s Day in Ireland

Origin and History of Father’s Day in Ireland

Father’s Day initially originated in the US and the first Father’s Day was celebrated in the year 1910. The idea came into existence because of a lady called Ms Sonora Louis Smart Dodd. She wanted to dedicate a special day to fatherhood and also appreciate her father’s (Mr. William Smart) effort in bringing up the whole family in absence of their mother. With the help of few social welfare organizations this festivity gained its place all over the world. Father’s Day is celebrated with great exuberance and delight in Ireland.

Local name: Father's Day

Ways to celeberate Father's Day in Ireland

The traditions followed in the US gradually migrated to Ireland. Children take the opportunity to thank their fathers for selfless deeds and dedication in bringing them up. Like other countries, people in Ireland surprise their fathers with lots of goodies like fresh flowers, cards, chocolates, sweets, pastries, cookies etc or cook something special by themselves. Fathers are also provided gifts like books, gadgets, sports wears, apparels, neckties, wallets. Many take their fathers for picnics or restaurants or help them in garden or the house. Roman Catholics celebrate Father’s Day as Saint Joseph’s Day.