Read about the origin, history and celebration of Father’s Day (Father’s Day) in India.
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Father’s Day in India

Origin and History of Father’s Day in India

Father’s Day originated in the US and was first celebrated in the year 1910. The event came into existence when Ms Sonora Louis Smart Dodd decided to pay tribute to father who had raised her and her siblings in the absence of her deceased mother. The celebration gradually became popular across the world. Unlike other countries the concept of celebrating Father’s Day is quite new to India. It is probably one or two decades old. Father’s Day is celebrated in many countries across India. People who belong to Ramon Catholic community also celebrate it as Saint Joseph’s Day. Like the US, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. It provides an opportunity for children to offer their respects to their father.

Local name: Father’s Day

Ways to celeberate Father’s Day in India

India is one great country where personalities have evolved whom we can look up to them and learn how to respect fathers and fatherhood. Realizing the importance of father and his role in our lives, treating them with true respect, listening and following his words is the true way to salute fatherhood. However, Father’s Day in India is followed as in the US but in a limited way on the third Sunday of June. But since it is pretty much hyped by the cards and gift sellers, Father’s Day is prompted. Children start up wishing their fathers by greeting them with flowers and cards to thank them for their dedication and to show their affection. Fathers in India are pampered by kids, by helping their dads to clean their vehicles, watering the plants, pressing clothes for them, cooking something special for them. Children also treat fathers with lots of goodies and savories like chocolates and pastries and also present them a cute gift of their choice, be it a tie, wallet, a sport’s kit, a book, or music CDs. Evenings are celebrated with outings, a movie or a park and dine out in a restaurant. Many schools and educational institutions arrange for special cultural programs to imbibe good values and morals that a father lies as a foundation in children’s life and teachers teach the children to pay respects to fatherhood and also to take good care of them. Most metropolitan cities in India have started in a big way, while others are catching up.