Read about the origin, history and celebration of Father’s Day (Gokarna Aunsi) in Nepal.
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Father’s Day in Nepal

Origin and History of Father’s Day in Nepal

The Nepal tradition and culture holds a lot of respect for father and is considered as the pillar of strength and support for the family. Father’s Day in Nepal is celebrated in the name “Gokarna Aunsi, which falls on the dark fortnight in August or early September. Like most of the festivities Father’s Day help to strengthen family relations and values. Those without father, visit various pilgrimages to perform Sraddha, a Hindu ritual wherein people offer food to their deceased fathers. On Gokarna Aunsi people visit Gokarneshwor Madhevsthan in Kathmandu to pay tributes to their dead fathers. Gokarna has a mythological link, according to which Lord Shiva hide himself in forest in the form of one horned golden deer. While he was spending his days in disguise, the world suffered a lot thus; Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra and Brahma started searching for him. They came to know about the deer with the help of goddess and finally when the caught hold the deer by horn, the horn burst out and Shiva came out of it. He asked Vishnu, Brahma and Indra to install the fragments of horn in their worlds. Thus Vishnu installed it in Vaikunta, Indira installed in heaven and Brahma in Gokarneshwor. The following day gods and goddess bathed in Baghmati River and paid homage to Shiva. From that time the present traditions of ancestor worship game into existence.

Local name: Gokarna Aunsi

Ways to celeberate Gokarna Aunsi in Nepal

Nepal celebrates Gokarna Aunsi with the great spirit. On this day children who stay far away visit their father with the presents and surprises to make the day most memorable. The streets become a scene of married daughters visiting their parent’s home with the sweets and gifts. After presenting the gifts they touch their father’s feet or hand as the mark of respect. People without father, visit Gokarneshwor Madhevsthan in Gokarna and pay homage to their deceased fathers by performing special rituals.