This good collection of thinking of you sms is designed in a way to please your loved ones. You can share these thinking of you messages even to your friends to help them in the romantic affairs.
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Thinking of You SMS

'Thinking of you’ is one of the most romantic sentences ever written. When somebody says that to you, it clearly means one thing- he/she likes you. This sentence has the high possibility of being the ‘stuff ’most used by lovers to start a relationship. True love hits you off guard when it is least expected and that is the beauty and genuinity of life.When you feel like sending a feel good text message to your girlfriend/boyfriend, this collection of 'thinking of you' Sms will help you to please her/him.
Life is so unfair !!

1st it gives us so much time 2 b 2gether so dat v can know each other....
& wen v know each other well, v have no time 2 be 2gether....
AJ KA DINNER PYAR ki roti,CHAHAT ki sabji,SNEH ka rayeta,VISHWAS ki salad,FRIENDSHIP ki sweet dish 4 u your bill-1 SMS,My tip-your sweet smile.
If I had a RED ROSE for every time I think of you. I would walk in my garden forever. Because yours lips like a red rose.
Everytime wen a msg comes, I open just thinking its u..
Wen its not u, i dont get dissappointed!
Still I enjoy that moment which made me think of u!
My heart says that you like me,
My eyes says that you feel something for me,
My mind says that you think of me,
But till now you are quiet....
Mujhay Tum yaad nahe AataY...

LoGoN saY aur apneY aap saY...

yeh Baat Keh keh Kar...

maiN thak GayA hooN... ;->
Dunia tere wajood ko karti rehi talaash

Hum ne tere khayal ko mohabbat bana lya."
Kabhi poch kar dekho mujh se apni yaadon ka aalam

Sari raat sitaron se tera zikar kiya karte hain...
*~*Bhool jayon tumhe kaisi baat kartay ho*~*
*~*kabi din nay b Aghaz kia hai Sooraj k baghair,,,,,,
I Took Hell Of Pain Killers
I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
One Thought Of You
It Hurts All Over Again...... =(
You'll always be the answer, when somone asks me what I'm thinking about.
Why do U think I SMS u ?
Is it because I care ? Or I miss u ?
Or I love u ? Or I need You ? No ! It's b'coz...
Time pass ke liye koi BAKRA chaiye !
When u were born, u were crying and everyone round u was smiling.. Live ur life so that when u die, u're the one who is smiling and everyone round u is crying..
Wastes of Lives?resown with Colors
By Succeeding Springs?
Death?unto itself?Exception?
Is exempt from Change?
Time n distance can keep us apart,but we r always heart to heart,no matter its night or day,u r just a thought away.
Som1 Remembrs,
Somebody Cares. Your name is Whispered in som1's Prayers. Keep the Bright Hope of Sunshine in View.
Som1 is Warmly THINKING of U..
So when your lonely,
remember its true that
some1, somewhere, is thinking of u
If YOU are filling DIZZY, a lot SICK,

a bit QUIET, a little bit SAD....

I think what's wrong.

U are suffering from a lack of

If I had a single flower for every time I thought of you I could walk in my garden forever, never finding the end.
If a smile reaches ur lips. a perfect smile dat u perhaps u cnt explain. remember dat in dat moment, im thinkin of u &smilin too.
Be MorE Concerned AbouT YouR CharacteR ThaN YouR ReputationN BecausE YouR CharacteR Is WhO YoU ArE AnD YoU ReputaioN Is WhaT OtherS ThinK Of YoU!!!
Do u Know what is the Meaning of HAPPY..?

A-aap ko
Y-yaad karte hai
Fate brought the both of us together. So naturally when you look at us, you will think we match each other. Coz we are make to be for each other.
Thinking abt me?

COOL!I am doing the same thing!

I am also thinkin abt myself! :))