Sad sms are designed to help you recover the sad phase of your life. These text messages on sadness will be an eye opener for you.
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Sadness is just a reflection of mind when it feels that it was betrayed or couldn’t achieve anything. We can categorize a million different genre of sadness but in the core nature, it’s all the same. You can get over sadness by installing positive thoughts in your mind and when things are worse, you may need a support or a person who can lead you out of that wild forest of sorrow. The sad sms collected here may help you to recover from the depression and bitter taste, caused by unavoidable situations in your life.
BEAUTY doesn’t make love but love makes BEAUTY ;
BREAK everything but never BREAK the HEART;
HEART is the music, PLAY it but never play WITH it.
Love is like a Ice Cube,
D Harder U Hold on to it, D faster It’ll disappear.
Al you’ll have in ur hand will B Tears of Crushed Love…
Heart is equal to a mirror, Mirror shows reflection, &
Heart shows affection.
Both have one equal quality,
can’t be reformed once broken.!
The Body Is A House Of Many Windows :
There We All Sit, Showing Ourselves
And Crying On The Passers-By To Come And Love Us.
Crying Is Right At Hand,
In The Smothering Dark,
Closed Inside Someone Else,
When You See How Everything,
You Can Ever Accomplish,
Will End Up As Trash.
The Day Was The Last
The Day Was Gone
The Day Was Sad
The Day Made Me Mad
B’coz You Left My Heart
The pain is not on the day of missing our dear ones.
The pain is really when u live without them
with their presence in your mind.
Broken is a star tonight
as tears rolled on to my cheeks
they whispered in my ears
let us take your pain away
broken is a little heart tonight
When I Realized I Found That
I Have Lost My Precious Time To Get Something
Which Was Neither Mine
Nor Matters To My Life
IF U lovE sum1 donT keeP him iN uR hearT!
keeP him oN uR naiLs!
So iF U Fail iN lovE,
don’t breaK uR hearT!
JusT cuT thE naiLs!
DatS Y girLS keeP lonG naiLs. .
It HuRtS wHeN wE rIsK oUr HEART
WhAt HuRtS mOrE iS whEn We
hOlD oN wHeN wE aLrEaDy KnOw
The one who likes you most,
sometimes hurts you,
but again he is the only one who feels your pain.
A daily thought…
A silent tear…
A Constant wish that u r near…
Words are few but thoughts r deep…
Memories of our friendship i’ll always keep!!
Sometimes in life we think we don’t need anyone.
But sometime we don’t have anyone when we need…
So don’t let your best buddies go ever…
Some battles have to b fought alne,

Some paths have to b crossed alne,

So never be emotionaly attached with someone,

You never know when u havE to walk alne
It is Possible to Cross an Ocean Without Wetting Legs.

But It is Impossible to Cross the Life Without Wetting Your Eyes
Humdard e ehbab se drta hoo lakin
zakhm too rakhta hoo lakin nooma’ish nahi karta
Tum Mere man ka sakoon ho.. aur dil ki bechaini bhi!
Tum meri amanat ho.. aur ek sapna bhi!
Ye soch k nahi k kubsoorat hi kitna
ye soch kar k
hazaroon sitaron may tanha hai kitna
The longest distance on earth........

is not north to south,

it is when........

i stand in front of u and..

u ignore me..
"Loog Jab Rooth Gaye Mujh Se To Maloom Hua"
"Aik Haaray Huey Insaan Ki Qeemat Kya Hay"...*
One Of The Sad Fact
Of Life . . .

"It's Tough When
Someone Special Begins
To Ignore You,
It's Even Tougher To
Pretend That You Don't
Mind . . . "
Zindgi me Rah kaisi bi ho Gujar jayenge,
Ek din hum b chupke se mar jayenge,
Aaj rehte h dosto k dil me yad ban k,
Kal aansu ban k ankho se beha jayenge........
Meri mayt ko jab uthane ki baat hoge
Har ankh se Ansu ki barsat hogi
Aap muskra kr 1 phool rakh dena meri Hatheli pa,
Jate Jate apki koi nishani to sath hogi.
Woh Kehta hai ke Agar Naséèb Hoga Mera.
To Hum unhen Zaröör MIL Paingay,

Hum Puchte hen unse.
Agar Hum Bad'Naséèb Hue To un se Kesay MIL Paingay,