Get well soon SMS will help cheer up a person. Send get well soon SMS messages to your sick friends to keep up their spirits.
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Get Well Soon SMS

Get Well Soon SMS messages are the best way to convey your good wishes to someone who is suffering from any ailment. You can send them to your friends and relatives, whether they are suffering from some injury or have been bogged down by any disease, and make them feel better. Get Well Soon SMS will also help to cheer up someone who has just suffered from a tragic incident. Your prayer and wishes will make them smile and also give them support for going through the ordeal optimistically.
You mean a lot to me….
And so does your Health and Happiness.
So here’s a wish to say…
Take good care of yourself!
When you feel that
God is Rubbing U against Rocks
Do not lose Hope
The Truth is that
He Is Polishing a Diamond
Stay Precious!
God bless u always n get well soon.
Tonight all the stars came out to play a signal
But all of them are not shining,
Bcoz they all know my friend is sick.
Get Well Soon!
If wishes were
I would send You
A big bunch
To say….
Get Well Soon!
I hope you’re feeling better,
I miss you every day.
I’m always thinking of you,
So this is what I say,
Get Well Soon!
Don’t be so selfish; don’t be a sloth;
Come back, so we all can rejoice!
We Miss U! And pray for U to get well soon!
Difficulties do not come to destroy you
But to help you
Realize your Hidden Potential & Power
Let difficulties Know that you are Difficult to Defeat
Get Well Soon!
Get your sorry behind off that bed.
Try positive thinking to get back to work.
Your illness is all in your head!
At least that’s what we hope.
Get Well Soon!
Get well quick, you lazy bum,
There's lots of work to do.
If you stay sick, it's more work for me,
And I'd rather it was for you.
Be the sky above you,
Blue soft be the road below you,
Affection be the breeze around you,
I pray all the happiness surrounds you.
Get well soon!
Early in the morning sun rise with many hopes
But it’s set hopelessly.
It signals that you are not fooling well.
So get well soon!
May the little flowers lying in gloom,
Rise and bloom, swaying endlessly,
This way and that way,
Morning to dusk everyday…
Get well soon.
Heard you were feeling out of a Quack......
Hope you are up & Splashing Soon.
Get Well Soon!
Gandhi Bapu ne bola he -
Koi tumhe SMS nahi karta to koi baat nahi
Use ek Bouquet do aur kaho.
Get Well Soon Mamu!
I very well know the reason,
why u r taking too long to recover,
u r realy being nurse-d there.
joke a part, but still,
wishing u speedy recovery.
Why U choose this particular time to get sick,
Seems to us an insensitive choice
Let’s go, get up and stop faking it;
We are really missing you.
Get Well Soon!
U r Feeling Down & So Am I
Wid U Not Around.

Hope U Get Back In da
Swing Of Thingz Real Soon.

Get Well Soon
U Mean A lot 2 me n so does ur Health and Happiness I wish u Get Well Soon
I hope u r feeling better, I miss u everyday I'm always thinking of u,Get Well Soon!
Heard that you're not feeling well.
So brought flowers for you to
make you feel Healthier and Happier.
Get Well Soon!
No sweet thoughts to forward,

No cute graphics to send,

Just a…


?; %,?;
Gandhi Bapu ne bola he- Koi tumhe SMS nahi karta to koi baat nahi Use Ek Bookey Do aur kaho.
With the warmest of wishes
this just comes to say

hope that you're feeling
much better today.
Hope you're feeling better soon,
'cause you make every day a lot brighter!
Take good care of yourself, friend.
We hope to see you up and
running and back at garden again.
The place just isn't the same without you.
As rain covers the sun.
Truth covers the lies.
Angels cover the evil.
Flowers cover the garden.
I wish & pray
that happiness covers all the
worries of your life