Funny boys & girls SMS are simple yet extremely humorous. Have a wonderful time reading and sending text message on boys and girls to your dear and near ones.
Fundoo Times: SMS: Boy and Girl SMS

Boy and Girl SMS

Boys and girls make the romance blast in our comedy teen movies and TV after noon soaps. There, obviously happens a lot of interesting and humorous things between them in the most happening teenage. Teenage movies try to reflect this most exciting time in a person’s life with all its libertine attitude and blasting excitement. These boys and girls text message are also designed to enchant and enlighten you about this beautiful period of life. Read them and share them with friends and family.
Biggest tragedy of d youth:
Boys r very "Gud selectors" but not "Gud lovers"
Girls r very "Gud lovers" but not "Gud selectors''
Its funny,But d fact..!
Girl’s Hrt Is Lke WATER,
Boy’s Hrt Is Lke MOBILE

Either Water Falls On Mobile


Mobile Fals In Water,

Watt Mobile Ki Lagegi
Why Do Gals Act Like Idiots ????

Who Says They Are Acting?
Boyfriend, Do you think my salary is sufficient for you?
Funny Girlfriend: It's sufficient for me,
But how will you survive?
Girl: Say You Love Me... Say You Love Me
Plzzz Say You Love Me
Boy: Okay You Love Me. face-smile.:-)
Girl: Touch your Heart,
You will feel the rhythm of your heartbeat.
Boy: Touch your Head,
You will feel the rhythm of empty pot. Tin... Tin... Tin...
Boys have fun by teasing girls,
Then girls cry for few minutes
Girls have fun by loving boys
Then boys cry 4 life time!
Funny but it is fact
Excellent saying by a crazy boy

Good girls are found in every corner of earth

But unfortunately earth is round. :)
Swt age of true relationship
Small girl & boy are seen crying together.
When asked why?
Girl: My doll has broken
Boy: I M crying bcz my doll is crying
Boy: Ager main tumhein kiss ker k bhaag jaon to?
Girl:To main samjhon gi k
ik larka jo pura paper ker sakta tha
wo objective likh k bhaag gaya
Boy: I am not rich like rohit, I don’t even have a bid car like rohit.

But I really love you!

Girl: I love you too, but tell me more about rohit..
Cutest proposal

“do u hug your teddy bear while sleeping at night… ???”

Girl - “yes”

Boy – “can i replace it for the rest of your life… ???”
Boy: Boys are intelligent than girls!
Girl: Any proof ?
Boy: You always say intelliGENTS
but you never say intelliLADIES!
Great people Great thoughts.
Girl 2 boy: Shaadi ky liye kaun see date rakeyn??
Boy: 22nd december
Girl: Koee khaas wajaa?
Boy: han, Saal ki sb say lambi raat isee date ko hotee hey..
One night a boy asked his girlfriend:
“Darling r u free tonight”

His girlfriend shouted & replied:
“Have I ever charged u before?”
Gud Ni8 :)
GIRL: I Have A Question 4u.
BOY: Alright, Ask Me.
GIRL: Wat Do You See When You Look In My Eyes?
BOY: You Honestly Wanna Know?
GIRL: Yeah !!..
BOY: My Future

Respect her
Protect her
Care her
Obey her
Sacrifice for her


Just Smile
We Are Just Friends

Girls use this sentence; when they want to start the relation.

Boys use it; when they want to end the relation.
A girl comes late 2 class.
Professor: Why are you late?
Girl: Sir a boy was following me.
Professor: So how did u got late?
Girl: Sir E boy was moving very slow
Girl: Najomi say ! mere 2 affairs hain.

Un dono mai kis k sath shadi hogi ?

Wo khushnasib kaun hoga?

NAJOMI : Pehle se shadi hogi aur dusra khushnasib hoga.
Boy and girl in restaurant
Boy: I love you
Girl: I don’t love you
Boy: Think again?
Girl: No no and no
Boy: waiter, bring separate bills.
Girl: ok….I love u to
Girl and Boy Fact:

A girl takes too much time to Love

and few seconds to hate.

A boy takes take few seconds to love

and too much time to hate.
Today is International Handsome Boys

and Beautiful Girls day!

So send this message to someone

who looks smart and cute…

Be true.. Don’t cheat like me
Girl: how many times you do shave in a day.?

Boy: 30 to 40 times.

Girl: are you mad.?

Boy: no I am hairstylist.
Only 20% boys have brains.








Rest have girlfriends.