This article will provide you with a collection of SMS Greetings. These greetings text messages can be used to wish your loved ones.
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Greetings SMS

SMS Greetings are the easiest way to tell someone that how much you care about them. Whether you want to wish someone a good morning, good night, good day or good life, greeting text messages come to your aid always. Apart from cheering up a person, they also bring a smile on his face. In the following lines, we have listed some of the best SMS greetings. Go through them and forward the best ones to your friends and family members.
Night is longer than day for those who Dream &
Day is longer than night for those
Who make their Dreams come true.
Wish you Good Night & Sweet Dreams!
As the day turns into night,
Keep your worries out of sight!
No matter how tough the world may seem,
You still deserve the sweetest of dreams.
I wish moon always be full and bright.
And you always be cool and right.
Whenever you go to switch off the light.
Remember that I am wishing you good night.
Faith makes everything possible,
Hope makes everything work,
Love makes everything beautiful.
May u have all the three as you begin each day.
Good Morning.
If life is a game, I wish you to win
If life is a journey, I wish you to walk on roses
If life is a joy, I wish you to always smile
Have a great n successful day!
When GOD drops needles and pins along ur path in LIFE, dont stay away,, instead pick them up and collect them..they were designed to be STRONG! My best wishes
The more u count your blessings
The more blessings u will have, to count
I always do, and I count u as the nicest blessing
God Bless u each day
Have a nice day!
Whatever is warm & inspiring,
Whatever means most to you,
Whatever makes you smile & bring you joy
That?s what I wish for U! Have a great Weekend.
The breeze has awakened the earth,
And sun has coloured our world.
The birds have added melody to the morning &
I hope I am not late to wish you Good Morning.
Life is only traveled once
Today?s moment becomes tomorrow's memory
Enjoy every moment, good or bad
Bcoz the gift of life is Life itself
Have a nice day!
Knock! Knock!
May I come into ur world?
I bring no flowers, no gifts
But wishes to keep u fresh,
Prayers to keep u healthy &
Love to keep u smiling.
A warm Hello doesn?t come from lips,
It comes from heart;
Doesn?t have to be told,
It has to be shown;
Doesn?t have to be given,
It has to be sent.
The SMS you send me everyday
Like jewels in my heart they stay
And so to God I always pray
The best of blessings be for u each day.
May u be what u hope to be
See all u want to see
Do all what u want to
May your every wish come true
A very Good Morning to u
Go here! Go there! Go every where!
But matter is that "take care"
I want to make u happy
B'coz seeing u smile make me happy!!
No matter if the sky is black or blue
No matter if there are stars or moon
As long as your heart is true
Sweet dreams will always be with u.
Good Night!
Every little smile can touch somebody's heart.
May u find 100's of reasons to smile today!
May u be the reason for someone else to smile!
Good Day!
One day ur dreams will come true.
One day ur presence shall be precious.
One day you'll be the happiest person in this world
And that day may be today!
Good Day!
Birds fly high without looking down.
So, if you want to be high, don't look down.
Aim high and keep going...
I wish you fly like a bird.
This morning I wish you the strength of faith, the reality of hope, the joy of charity and the contentment of a happy heart.
I'm whispering because I don't want to wake you up.........You'll probably read this - tomorrow, but anyway, I want you to know - I kissed you....GOOD NIGHT!
Morning greetings are music but I can't give you the sound of my voice, all you can hear is a beep that comes from my heart. Have a nice day my friend !
Life is a challenge-dare it. Life is a game-play it. Life is faith - believe it. Life is wisdom - utilize it. Life is God's gift-be grateful for it. Gud AF!
An ideal day whud begin with a yawn,
A cup of coffee &
A msg from a cute person like me.
Hope u have had all!
Wish u gud morning!!
Have a gr8
True beauty is in the heart ! True riches is in heaven ! True security is in God ! True joy is in YOU ! Good morning ! God Bless.