This awesome collection of Girl friend SMS will help you improve your understanding about girl friend. these Love text message on girl friend will find a special place in your heart.
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Girl Friend SMS

For a boy in his teenage, a girl friend is a necessity for life as water, air, and food. Even though, most people believe in the institution of marriage, the best form of the woman, for a man, is that of girl friend. A girl friend never gets old when wife gets old in a few days. Jokes apart, men really like to have nice girls as their friends to share their thoughts and deeds. When a girl starts recognizing the talents in a boy, he feels the worth of his existence. Read and share girl friend text message to your friends to have a good time.
I want to live in your eyes, die in your arms and be buried in your heart.g
If U delete this message that's bcoz u love me. .. If u save it thats bcoz u desire me .. & if u ignore it thats bcoz u miss me. So what u gonna do with It?
Uv been called b4 cupids court 4 stealin my heart.trespassin in my dreams & robin me of my senses.uv been sentened 2 a lifetime wiv me- how do u plead?
When a girl cries 4 a boy
it means she miss him a lot
When a boy cries 4 a girl it means
no one in this world can love the girl
more than that boy.that's true
The Thread askd da Candle:
"Why do u dissolve urself, wen I burn?"
Candle replied: "u R my heart.
If U suffer, I'm bound 2 shed Tears 4 U"
dat's a Relationshp!
Love is Special, Love is Rare.
Love is made 4 two 2 Share.
Love is Gentle, Love is Blind,
Love begins wen 2 Hearts combine!
Just had an x-ray taken.
Guess what they found?
It was U safely stucked in my heart.
They said my heart is fine with U in it.
Remove U and I'm DEAD!
If I was an artist,
you would be my picture!
If I was a poet,
you would be my inspiration!
If I was an author you would be my story!
But I'm only a cartoonist!
Great Calculation: Only 20% boys have brains.
Rest have Girlfriends
Mon to Sun, From Jan To Dec, From birth till my death, my feelings 4 u have never changed. For me, you've always been a headache!
NOBODY likes U, NOBODY cares for U, NOBODY misses U, NOBODY wants to see U good, NOBODY is Ur best friend, NOBODY is happy with U, Dont cry!!! My name is NOBODY
I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So, would you smile for me?
Can you see me? no? Turn around, can you see me now? no? Turn again, can you see me now? I can see you because you have a special place in my heart!
At this moment 3.7 million are sleeping. 2.3 million are falling in love. 4.1 million are eating and only 1 cutie is reading this txt ;)
LuV Is An Illusion!
Its A Highly Dependency Disorder
Of Weak Hearted Ppl..
Ppl Wid Strong Hearts
Baby I have an addiction problem. People say I shud go to rehab but I always tell them that I don't wanna go cause I'm addicted to U !
The moment I first saw you, you warmed my heart, the second time you made little flames and now you make my heart burn like hell!
If Roses were black and violets were brown, my love for you would never be found but roses r red and violets are blue, all I want to say is I LUV U!
When you love someone, it"s nothing. When someone loves you, it"s somthing. When u luv someone & they luv you back, it"s everything.
Another month, another year, another smile, another tear, another winter, another summer too but there will never be another you!
Loving is not how u forget but how u forgive, not how u listen but how u understand, not what u see but how u feel & not how u let go but how u hold on.
Hearts could only luv 4 a while u can put many relations in a file, u can make a desert from the Nile, but u can’t stop my smile when I c ur name on my phone.
Little keys can open big locks, simple words can express great thoughts. A text from u never fails to make me smile the whole day through.
If you r in a dark room, you find blood everywhere and the walls are shaking- don"t worry friend, u r at the safest place, you r in my heart.
There Have Been Times,
When I Have Deliberately,
Tried To Take My Life,
I Think I Must Have Been,
Crying For Some Attention.
You Know Somebody,
And They Cry For You.
They Stay Awake At Night,
And Dream Of You.
I Bet You Never ,
Even Know They Do,
But Somebody Crying For You.
Moon said to me,
if ur friend is not messaging u,
why don’t you leave ur friend.
I looked at moon and said
does ur sky ever leave u when u don’t shine.
Keeping a FRIEND is As Difficult AS losing one.
U sacrifice A lot To keep them.
I may not have sacrificed enough 4 u…
but in my HEART I swear I’m keeping U