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Best Friend SMS

A best friend is the one and only person for everybody to share their honest and wildest of thoughts. A best friend’s trust will be infinite and that is the sole reason for you trust him/her too. People who have no best friend in life, are desperate to get one to share their thought in the most honest way. You can consider yourself blessed if you have one to share everything without any censor. Read these best friend text messages to get a superior understanding of friendship and share those messages with your best friends.
“ The sea told me,
About his empire,
About his size,
About his non-ending destiny..
About all his greatness..
I told him abt our frdshp..
GAPPA BASLA!!! ;-) ”
“ Days r too busy,
Hours r too fast,
Seconds r too few,
But thr's always time for me to remembera sweet frd like "Y"O"U" :-) ”
“ If u r angry vd ur lovable frd,
just put aside ur egos,
hug each other & say,
“ My frndship is like an onion, It has many layers, which add taste in your life, but if u try to cut it off it may bring tear in ur life..! ”
“ best friends are those who care 4 each other without any expectations from each other ”
“ Never mind what others do, Do Better than Yourself, Beat Your Own Records Everyday & Pray to God for a Better Tomm. Success will chase u. ”
“ You mean a lot to me….
and so does your Health and Happiness.
So Here’s a wish to say
& Take good care of Yourself ! ”
“MY friendship is just like a rubber band, It is too flexible, Stretch it as much as u can, but if u leave it,it 'll hurt u a lot, really a lot!”
“Frndshp Is Bridge Between U N Me
Wn U R Sad & Lonely Cross It
I'll Wait On D Other Side 4ever
& If U R Afraid, Just Tell Me
I Cros 4u.”
“ Wenevr u wanna know, How rich u r?
Dont count ur Money!
Just drop a tear from ur Eyes & see how many Hands r thr to Wipe it!! ”
“ I may b busy in d things I do,
Bt nvr vl I 4get sum1 like u,
So I'm keeping in tuch to let u Know,
U r in my mind more often than I show!! ”
“ Butterflies dont know of wat colors their Wings r, bt Human eyes know how pretty they r!
Same way, u dont know how Sweet u r bt I know how Special u r!! ”
“Someone asked me to describe U in a Sentence!
“ Time makes us 4get sum Ppl,
Bt thr r sum ppl who make us 4get Time!
Dis msg is dedicated to 1 such person who can nvr b 4gotten!! ”
"48+2 Members can sit in a Bus.
5+1 can sit in a Car.
3+1 can sit in a auto
1+1 can sit in a Bike.
Only 1 can sit in my Heart,
That’s ‘U’ My dear friend"..
DuRiNg OuR FrIeNdShIp, ThErE wIlL B TiMeS U wOn’t SeE Me BeSiDe U, DuN ThInK I LeFt U BeHiNd, I JuSt ChOsE To WaLk BeHiNd U So I CaN CaTcH U WhEn U Fall…
EveRyDay I seE LoTs oF StRangErS PasSiNg By mE, ThiS mAkeS mE reAlisED tHat, LifE woUlD be BORING, WiThoUt A FriEnD LiKE U…
I always thought loving some1 was the greatest feeling, but I realised tat loving a friend is even better, we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends.
I met U as a stranger, I leave U as a friend, as long as the world stands, our friendship nv ends. All friends nv split N even if they do they will meet again.
The ship that will never sink is my friendship with you.
A memory lasts forever, and never does it die. True friends stay together and never say good bye.
Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.
Good FRIENDS CaRE for each Other..
CLoSE Friends UNDERSTaND each Other...
and TRUE Friends STaY forever
beyond words,
beyond time...**
FRiEND in different lanagugs...
Iranian - DOST
German - FREUND
Herbew - CHAVER
French - AMi
Pinoy - KAiBiGAN
Dutch - VREND
Mexican - AMiGO
For me.. jst simpl
Stars has 5 ends
Square has 4 ends
Trinagle has 3 ends
Line has 2 ends
but Circle of our friendship has no end...
Wen things go wrong...
Wen sadness fills ur heart...
wen tears flow in ur eyes...
always remember 3 tings
1) I'm with u...
2) Still with u...
3) Will ALWAYS b..