Read about the origin, history and celebration of April Fools’ Day (April Fools’ Day) in United States.
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April Fools’ Day in United States

Origin and History of April Fools’ Day in United States

The history of April Fools’ Day though not very clear and crisp, it is said to have originated from Europe during rule of King who wanted to visit Gotham in the 13th Century. The people of Gotham did not want this King to visit their town hence they all acted like fools so that the King shall hesitate to go to Gotham. But in fact, he was fooled by the people of Gotham who acted like fools. Gradually the celebration took its place in parts of the world.

Local name: April Fools’ Day

Ways to celeberate April Fools’ Day in United States

April Fools’ Day is celebrated on the 1st of April every year in the US. The traditions are derived from that of what is observed in Britain and other European countries. They play practical jokes on their friends, colleagues, neighbors and relatives. These pranks might take the whole way and the victims range from a single person to a large group, be it media, or any institution. Finally the person who plays the tricks shouts out loud saying April fool!