Read about the origin, history and celebration of April Fools’ Day (April Fools’ Day) in India.
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April Fools’ Day in India

Origin and History of April Fools’ Day in India

April Fools’ Day is celebrated all around the world with great fun. There are many stories related to the origin of April Fools’ Day. The most accepted story traces back to 16th century in France. According to this legend, acceptance of the new Georgian calendar resulted in the change of celebration dates. The proposed date was not accepted by everyone even though it was declared officially. The people who still followed the old Julian calendar were named fools. According to another theory, many pre-Christian groups used to observe summer on May 1st and those who celebrated it on April 1st instead of May were called fools. In India April Fools’ Day is not a traditional celebration but it is linked to a festival called Holi. According to mythology, people played jokes and smeared colors on each other during the Holi festival.

Local name: April Fools’ Day

Ways to celeberate April Fools’ Day in India

India has been influenced by Western countries over the years. Thus, April Fools’ Day is celebrated by children, teenagers, college students and young professionals. Indians play simple and complex pranks on this day. Small kids try to fool each other by pointing to something which is not present at that time. When the victim is deceived, the kids shout out “April fool”. Even grownups try to play pranks on close one’s by making hoax calls and by using many other tricky ideas. This holiday brings with smile on every ones face.