Read about the origin, history and celebration of April Fools’ Day (April Fools’ Day) in Republic Of Korea.
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April Fools’ Day in Republic Of Korea

Origin and History of April Fools’ Day in Republic Of Korea

Koreans celebrate April Fools’ Day on the first snowy day of the year. Earlier the celebration begun from the Joseon dynasty of Korea who lied to each other and were allowed to fool each other and have fun on this day. The most famous prank derived even today and practiced in Korea is that they stuff snow inside bowls and send it to the person who is going to get fooled. The victim is considered to have lost the game and he is supposed to grant for a wish of the sender. This was a healthy prank and since it is harmless and people can get just extract fun and enjoyment out of it, it is in practice even today. Such pranks previously were not planned and were usually played with the royal servants since they wouldn’t mistake.

Local name: April Fools’ Day

Ways to celeberate April Fools’ Day in Republic Of Korea

People in Korea start up their Fools Day celebration by the traditional snow bowl trick and take lot of fun. Since it is not a harmful trick many people would like to begin their celebration in this way. Similarly, they also play other pranks and jokes on others and finally reveal them the truth. It is not a special holiday in Korea for April Fools’ Day, though many schools will be declared leave since it is the first day of the snow fall of the year.