Read about the origin, history and celebration of April Fools’ Day (April Fools’ Day) in United Kingdom.
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April Fools’ Day in United Kingdom

Origin and History of April Fools’ Day in United Kingdom

The celebration of April Fools’ Day is of recent origin. According to British folklore April Fools’ Day was linked to Gotham, the legendary town of fools located in Nottinghamshire. The 13th century legend states that the King decided to visit Gotham. According to old tradition any road on which the king placed his foot became public property. The people of the town refused his entry as they did not want to lose their roads. When the King heard about this, he sent soldiers to punish the people of Gotham. When the warriors arrived in Gotham they found the town full of insane persons engaged in foolish activities. Their foolery was just an act, but the King felt that all the people in town were fools. Thus, he left the settlement without punishing the community. It is believed that the present April Fool’s day originated from this incident in UK.

Local name: April Fools’ Day

Ways to celeberate April Fools’ Day in United Kingdom

April Fools’ Day in UK has a history of impressive and funny pranks. Some of the best April Fools’ jokes are created by the media’s (radio and television channels). The people of UK use their own tricks to fool their families, friends and colleagues. Pranks performed on this day vary from simple to the complex ones. Some of pranks include hoax phone calls, sending invitations for non existing functions, sticking April Fools’ sticker on the victims back and setting the roommates alarm an hour back. Whatever the prank played the trickster is successful; he/she ends it by saying “April fool”. It is not an official holiday but the main motive is to bring a smile on everyone’s face.