Read about the origin, history and celebration of Valentine's Day (Valentines Day) in United Kingdom.
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Valentine's Day in United Kingdom

Origin and History of Valentine's Day in United Kingdom

Valentine’s Day is considered as a romantic festival. There are several legends behind the origin of this special occasion. The event is celebrated on February 14 every year in several countries across the world. The date has its origin from the February Fertility festival (Feast of Lupercalia). The feast was held during mid-February in pagan times. But presently most of the countries celebrate February 14th as Saint Valentine’s Day. It is said that on this day St. Valentine (a priest in Rome) was executed by the emperor Claudius II. So the day is observed to honor the good Saint. This occasion has been celebrated since then for passing this beautiful feeling of love in the world.

Local name: Valentines Day

Ways to celeberate Valentines Day in United Kingdom

Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety by the people in UK. They share an immense fascination for this day. One can witness flower shops beautified with colorful flora and soft lights. Exchanging cards, flowers, cute gifts, chocolates, romantic quotes and lyrics are common ways of celebrating this occasion. Special activities such as live music shows and poetry reading sessions are also organized to make the day more unique. On this special date, one can smell the sweet fragrance of love all over the country. Thus, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with love, joy and happiness throughout the nation.