Read about the origin, history and celebration of Valentine's Day (Valentines Day) in Australia.
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Valentine's Day in Australia

Origin and History of Valentine's Day in Australia

Valentine’s Day is considered as a grand and joyous occasion for the people in Australia. The day marks a history of extravagant celebrations. It is said that during the gold rush period, miners became extremely rich due to the discovery of Ballarat Mines (a quarry of new wealth). This breakthrough happened exactly on February 14. On this day they ordered expensive gifts to express their happiness and success. They marked this occasion by distributing sweets to the natives. Since then, people started exchanging colored shells, perfumed flowers, satin cushions pair of humming birds or doves to celebrate the event. Australians utilize this occasion to strengthen the bond of love with their near and dear ones.

Local name: Valentines Day

Ways to celeberate Valentines Day in Australia

Valentine’s Day is lavishly celebrated throughout the country. The people rejoice this day by wearing red or pink clothes. They also present greeting cards with flowers to those they admire. Chocolates are considered as one of the best means to express love. They also arrange a candle-lit dinner in the ambiance of beautiful restaurants. Various Valentine’s Day events and fun celebrity shows are organized throughout the country. A recent survey indicates that Australian men are more romantic and are seen buying gifts for their better-halves. Heart shapes pairs of birds, cute teddy bears, cupid and couples kissing are the common symbols of this occasion. Various gifts in the shape of love symbols with personalized messages are generally presented on the occasion. It adds romance and excitement to the event.