Read about the origin, history and celebration of Valentine's Day (La Saint Valentin) in France.
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Valentine's Day in France

Origin and History of Valentine's Day in France

Valentine’s Day has a strong historical association with France. It is a popular belief in France and England that birds mate halfway through the second month of the year. Hence, the day was selected to exchange love letters. It is celebrated in the name of love and romance. French poets and writers also stressed on the same idea and shaped a romantic image about the day in the minds of the natives. Since then 14th February has been regarded as the day to express love and gratitude to beloved ones. It is considered as one of the most romantic days in the year.

Local name: La Saint Valentin

Ways to celeberate La Saint Valentin in France

Valentine's Day Festival is celebrated with cheerfulness and fervor by the people of France. On this occasion, they express love to their dearly loved ones. Generally the day is celebrated by exchanging elegant greeting cards, fresh flowers and gifts of love. On this day, lovers share sweet messages in the greeting cards. Boys buy and present flower bouquets and gift baskets to their cherished ones. Restaurants are decorated and designed heavily to provide better space for the couples to enjoy the day. The couples celebrate the occasion with excellent food and music. On this special day, live performances by local musicians are also arranged throughout the country. Cupid, doves, love birds, roses, hearts and arrows are all considered as common symbols of the event. Red roses and candies are a few traditional gifts purchased for the occasion.