Read about the origin, history and celebration of Parents' Day in Vietnam.
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Parents' Day in Vietnam

Origin and History of Parents' Day in Vietnam

Although Parentsí Day is a recent observation, the actual idea behind the celebration is a centuries old. Every country has the costume to respect and appreciate their parents but the dedication of the day in the name of Parentsí Day is seen only in some parts of the world. Going back to the origin, the Parentsí Day was initialized in the year 1994 in US by that time President Bill Clinton. The President decided to observe this day after being inspired by the Motherís and Fatherís Day. Bill Clinton wanted to honor the parents on the single day and thus the celebration came into existence. Although Parentsí Day has US origin, it is now observed in many countries by imbibing their own culture and traditions. In Vietnam Parentsí Day is celebrated with much earnestness on every July 7th.

Local name: Parents' Day

Ways to celeberate Parents' Day in Vietnam

In Vietnam, although Parentsí Day is not an official holiday it is celebrated with the great zeal. The celebrants usually consist of kids and adolescents who buy gifts and greeting cards for their parents. Most of the children love to give the handmade greeting cards to show their personal touch and adore. This is the day when children show their love and care in big packages compared to other days. Some of the children try to make special meal for their parents and spend the entire day together and even organize some fun filled activities to make the day jovial. With the people running out of time with their busy schedules, a day like Parents Day helps to spend quality time with their parents and thus acts as a family reunion.