Read about the origin, history and celebration of Parents' Day in India.
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Parents' Day in India

Origin and History of Parents' Day in India

The custom of respecting and caring for parents is an age old tradition in almost all the countries. But the dedication of the day in the honor of the adorable parents is a recent observation. Parents’ day was officially established in the year 1994 by the then US President Bill Clinton. During his term Bill Clinton felt the need of the day in dedication of Parents as it is believed to raise the family values and bring closeness in the family. Thus Parents’ Day was born out of a united effort of several religious, social and elected leaders who felt the need of Parents’ Day. Today this day is observed not only in USA but also in many other countries. In India also Parents day is observed with great enthusiasm. Respecting and valuing parents is an age old Indian cultural heritage. But the day in the name of parents is a recent observation.

Local name: Parents' Day

Ways to celeberate Parents' Day in India

In India Parents are often referred as the God. Respect for Parents and elders are a great Indian value which stem from ancient days. With the raising busy schedule, children are not able to spend the quality time with their parents thus the recent Parents Day observation acts as the day of celebration with the whole family. Children show their gratitude and appreciation by giving gifts and by staying whole day with them. Some of the schools make the day beautiful by organizing special activities and games for parents. While in most of schools teachers help the children in making a greeting card for their parents. The idea of merriment may vary from person to person but the theme behind the celebration remains same.