Read about the origin, history and celebration of Parents' Day (National Parents' Day) in United States.
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Parents' Day in United States

Origin and History of Parents' Day in United States

It is difficult to say when the idea of Parents’ Day really born. However many believe that the holiday might have originated because of the eternal human desire to honor and appreciate the love and care of parents, whose enormous effort resulted in giving a better human kind to the nation. The parents’ Day celebration officially came to USA in the year 1994 by the sincere efforts of the former US President Bill Clinton. During his presidential term Bill Clinton strongly felt the need of a day to honor the parents for their continuous support and he finalized the holiday by signing a law of resolution for supporting the role of parents for healthy society. This resolution was adopted by US congress and thus Parents’ Day came into existence.

Local name: National Parents' Day

Ways to celeberate National Parents' Day in United States

Although Parents’ Day is a national observance but still it is not a federal holiday in USA. This day is used to honor the love, respect, sacrifice and affection shown by the two very important persons in the life of every individual. On this event, Children spend the whole day with their parents and make them feel lucky to have such children. On this special day some of them go out to the favorite spot of parents and buy them what their parents like the most. Some others use this day to take their parents out for restaurants and wish them with the cards, flowers and cakes. Many organizations, local government and other communities encourage Parents’ Day by organizing various activities and games. For example the Parents’ Day Council of the local bodies nominates parents for the “Parents of the Year”. The ideal parents of each state are nominated for the award “National Parents of the Year”. In recent days Parents’ Day proclamations and rallies have been organized by the United Civil Rights Councils of America.