Read about the origin, history and celebration of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi Day) in United States.
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Raksha Bandhan in United States

Origin and History of Raksha Bandhan in United States

Raksha bandan is one of the popular festivals celebrated by Indians residing in the United States. It is considered as a traditional Indian festival that fosters brother-sister bond. The history proves that Rakhi has rescued several lives. There are many stories and incidents that tell us about the origin of Rakhi. On this day, brothers promise to protect their sisters from all threats and dangers. Hence the day is celebrated for an undying and divine relationship between brothers and sisters in a family.

Local name: Rakhi Day

Ways to celeberate Rakhi Day in United States

Raksha Bandan is celebrated with great gusto by Indians staying in the United States. On this occasion sisters try to reach their brothers. They perform the rituals by taking aarti and applying tika on the forehead of their brothers. The sisters tie a sacred thread around their brother’s wrist and pray for his safety and health. The sacred thread is known as ‘Rakhi’ which is considered as a protecting charm. On this special occasion sisters cook their brother’s favorite delicacy. In return, the brothers promise to take care of her throughout their life. They also pamper her with return gifts such as chocolates, jewelry, or any item that she is fond of. Since ages this festival has been celebrated in a similar manner. Brothers who stay far from their sisters sent Rakhi through e-mails, courier etc to mark this occasion. There are numerous easy shopping and convenient delivery options.