Read about the origin, history and celebration of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi Day) in South Africa.
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Raksha Bandhan in South Africa

Origin and History of Raksha Bandhan in South Africa

Indians in South Africa celebrate Raksha Bandhan with great zeal. From the ancient times Raksha Bandhan symbolizes the protective bond between brothers and sisters. Although the exact origin of the festival is not clear still there are many stories linked to this festival. The oldest reference to Raksha Bandhan goes back to 300 B.C. during the time of Alexander. The conqueror Alexander invaded India and initially King Alexander was shaken by the power of Indian king Puru. Alexander’s wife who had heard about Raksha Bandhan went to Puru and tied Rakhi on his hand, thus Puru accepted her as his sister. Finally when the war came Puru refrained from Alexander for the sake of his sister. With the pass of time Raksha Bandhan still remains as the most adorable festival between brothers and sisters which helps to bring the love and affection alive throughout life.

Local name: Rakhi Day

Ways to celeberate Rakhi Day in South Africa

Raksha Bandhan, the Hindu festival which rejoices the brothers and sisters bondage is celebrated with the great zeal by the Indian Hindus. On the celebration day sisters visit brothers home, perform Puja by applying kumkum on his forehead and tie silk thread called Rakhi on brothers right hand and pray for his long living and better life, where as brothers promise to take care of their sisters throughout their life. After this ritual brothers give gift to their sisters to mark the occasion special. Each ritual performed on Rakhi as its own ancient significance and meaning. Thus Rakhi is all about living life in harmonious way along with the love and affection.