Read about the origin, history and celebration of Easter (Easter Sunday) in United States.
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Easter in United States

Origin and History of Easter in United States

The resurrection of Jesus coincided with the Pagan celebrations. During ancient Pagan times people organized spring festivals to celebrate the return of fertility. Some people believe that this Pagan celebration was the basis for the origin of Easter. During Christian time the rebirth of Jesus Christ was remembered as the resurrection Day or Easter. Easter celebration in USA was not so popular until the civil war. Most of the people who were bothered by the war disaster found peace in the resurrection of Jesus and other religious beliefs. Since then Easter is widely celebrated in USA with great devotion and fervor.

Local name: Easter Sunday

Ways to celeberate Easter Sunday in United States

Easter, which celebrates the re-birth of Jesus, is one of the biggest festivals of the Christian community. In USA Easter celebrations are started by organizing special prayer services at the church which is followed by the grand Easter feast and interesting fun activities for kids. Easter egg hunt is the popular game played during this day. The winner of this game will get a grand prize. Other interesting Easter activities include egg decorating and craft competitions. The most admired part of Easter celebration is the parade. It is a custom in USA to arrange an Easter parade, men and women participate in the parades by wearing colorful costumes. The larger parades are organized in cities like New York, were people join the parade with the best costume and the Easter candles.